Teresa Giudice Responds To Heather Dubrow’s Criticism Of Her: ‘Who?’

Teresa Giudice isn’t bothered by Heather Dubrow’s criticism of her. As reported by Bravo’s the Daily Dish on Thursday, Andy Cohen asked Teresa at the inaugural Bravos award show on Wednesday night about Heather’s comments about her behavior after being released from prison. Teresa, whose first moments at home with her family after spending almost a year in prison for fraud charges was shown on the Season 7 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, made clear that she doesn’t think much of Heather.

“Who?” Teresa responded.

Teresa added that while Heather, who stars on The Real Housewives of Orange County, tried to get attention from “the queen,” she didn’t get any. Teresa then implied that Heather said what she did for the press.

“She wanted to get attention from the queen, and she really didn’t get any, but she got some from the press.”


Right after the Season 7 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired, People magazine asked Heather for her thoughts on Teresa’s return to the spotlight after prison. Heather said that while she hadn’t watched the episode yet and doesn’t know Giudice’s personal details, she’s not sure that Teresa’s sending the right message.

“Obviously I don’t know all of the facts about what happened with, you know, their case and going to jail. I’ve seen some of her interviews, she seems like a good woman and a very good mother but I think it was, you know, a little bit odd to see her come back and talk about doing yoga in prison. I’m not sure that was the right message.”

During Heather’s recent appearance on Andy’s talk show Watch What Happens Live, a viewer asked Heather why she always bashes Teresa. Heather denied that she always bashes Teresa and defended what she said.

“Oh gosh, I don’t. But listen, when you’re asked a question you answer. I’m here in New York, doing press for Real Housewives of Orange County and our book that’s coming out, with Terry and I, and I got asked a question. What I said was that I think Teresa’s, I don’t know Teresa, but I think that she seems very nice and she really seems like a great mother but what I’ve seen of the coverage is that she came back from prison talking a lot about yoga and her diet and I think a lot of people would like to hear about accountability and remorse and that was my comment. And I don’t think, I think that honestly in the scheme of things, that was pretty benign.”


Heather Dubrow has spoken out about Teresa Giudice before. In 2014, when Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice, were both sentenced to prison on fraud charges, Heather, during an interview with the iHeartRadio radio show The Melting Pot, said that Teresa showed no remorse. Heather told everyone that Teresa and Joe were still being dishonest despite having already been caught.

“I don’t know them, I feel terrible for their children and their family. However, they did these things. They pled guilty. I loved when Teresa said I’m gonna do whatever I can to make it right but then I saw her on Andy Cohen’s show last week and to me, there was no remorse. Even on the day of their sentencing, they were hiding jewelry and they didn’t tell the court all their assets. They took money from people!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County star voiced her concern that Bravo was harboring a criminal by continuing to have her on Real Housewives.

“If there was a Bravo executive who pled guilty to 41 counts of fraud, would they keep them on the payroll? Isn’t [Teresa] a Bravo employee? At some point, are we harboring a criminal?”

On the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 premiere episode, Teresa said in a confessional interview that she made a mistake, learned from it, and won’t repeat it. The episode did not show her talking in detail about the fraud charges and what she actually did or didn’t do.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa’s co-star and former friend, was asked by a caller during her own appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night whether she thinks Teresa will ever show any real remorse and take accountability for what she did. Jacqueline replied that she doesn’t think that Teresa still understands what happened and her role in it.

Heather Dubrow is likely going to take Teresa Giudice’s comment about her and behavior at the Bravos award show as further proof that she has no remorse over the crimes that landed her in prison. While accepting her Don’t Call It a Comeback Award, Teresa didn’t let anything get her down. During her acceptance speech, Teresa said that she’s back and won’t be leaving.

“Oh my God, I’m so happy to get this! Andy, I just want to say thank you to Andy, to my Bravo family, and to everyone that voted for me, because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. I just want to say I’m back and I’m not leaving. Love, love, love you!”

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