Duggar News: Divorce Rumors Swirl About Jim Bob And Michelle

Duggar news has been filled with talks of divorce lately. Not only have Anna and Josh Duggar fallen victim to these rumors, so have Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.


The matriarch and patriarch have been rumored to be fighting a lot since son Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, reported Headline and Global News. Tensions began to rise between the longtime couple when they were deciding on a punishment for their oldest son. While Jim Bob and his church wanted Josh Duggar to face consequences for his actions, Michelle Duggar didn’t agree with this tactic. According to a nameless source, Michelle had “actually raised her voice to Jim Bob” amid their son’s scandal.

The Duggar news only became more complicated as the story unfolded. Michelle Duggar continued being argumentative with Jim Bob during the punishment process for Josh, explained the unnamed source.

“They rarely argue, but this one was a doozy. [Jim Bob] argued about putting family first and how Michelle needed to move on and put things in the past, and she stood her ground and said she was putting family first by being cautious.”

The fight between the couple changed Michelle Duggar’s perspective on her marriage, reported Headline and Global News.

“The Jim Bob Michelle fell in love with 32 years ago is very different from the man she knows now. He bears little resemblance to the young man who was filled with hope and happiness.”

When Duggar news broke about Josh’s return from a faith-based rehab, more information came out about Michelle’s deteriorating relationship with her son. The unknown source said that the mother has “little or no contact at all” with Josh Duggar.

Headline and Global News also reported on the possibility of Jim Bob Duggar cheating on his wife. Still, the website wrote that this rumor could be “immediately refuted considering the smallness of Arkansas.”


Although Duggar news has been filled with rumors about a possible divorce between Jim Bob and Michelle, the questioning of their martial status has been put to a stop. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the longtime couple is not heading towards separation.

Jessa Duggar recently posted a photo of her parents on Instagram, which read, “Happy 51st Birthday, Daddy! I love you so much!!!”

The Hollywood Gossip interpreted this post as a sign that Jim Bob and Michelle were okay. According to the website, the Instagram post is not just a birthday shoutout, but it also “serves as a dog-whistle confirmation to the Duggar faithful that all is well in Jim Bob and Michelle’s marriage.”

While Duggar news about the divorce was addressed by their one daughter, the Hollywood Gossip pointed out that their other daughter, Jill didn’t include a photo of the couple in her birthday post. Still, the online celebrity publication pointed out that Jill probably doesn’t have easy access to WiFi in the El Salvador village where she’s serving as a missionary. This lack of internet also brings up the question of whether or not Jill even knows about the rumors regarding her parents’ marriage.

Duggar news has been primarily coming from Jill and Jessa. Since Josh Duggar’s molestation and marriage scandal, the elder Duggars have been staying out of the spotlight. Although 19 Kids and Counting is no longer on the air, Jill & Jessa: Counting On still gives viewers and Duggar fans alike the opportunity to keep up with the family. While the second season of the reality television show hasn’t been formally announced, TLC will continue airing the show.

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[Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]