‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucy Banters, Sonny Strikes A Deal, Franco Reaches Out To Elizabeth, And Sabrina And Michael Get A Shocker

What is coming up on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers tease that there may be a shocking arrival in Port Charles that will upset some residents and there are deals made and gifts offered. What else is on the way with the July 21 show?

Viewers watched earlier as Elizabeth tried to get Franco to back off a bit from her. He had put together an opportunity for Jake to attend an art camp, but Liz declined, saying that she couldn’t do the same kind of thing for Aiden or Cameron, so it wasn’t fair.

Elizabeth tried to push Franco away, but she also admitted that she is drawn to him. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco will be offering Elizabeth a gift, but she tries to decline it. Is he perhaps trying to pay for the other two boys to attend a camp as well, or is his offer something else entirely?

SheKnows Soaps shares that Lucy is in the mix of things, and General Hospital spoilers note that she will be getting into a heated discussion with Franco. He works to defend himself, but fans know that Lucy isn’t one to back down easily. Lucy will also be chatting with Scotty, and viewers can be sure that there will be some fun banter during this encounter.


Carly is working on finding out the truth about Josslyn’s kidney transplant and General Hospital spoilers share that she will be getting a wee bit closer during the next episode. She is approached with some new information and it sounds as if she will be more determined than ever to figure out what really happened. It is known that Jax will be back in the mix soon and fans cannot wait to see how his return ties into all of this.

Finn has reached out to Sonny to try to get the drugs he needs, but he will have to work hard to get Sonny’s help. General Hospital spoilers note that the two men will make a deal, but Sonny will be asking something big of Finn and the doctor is hesitant to agree to the terms. Will this be related to helping Sonny get access to Julian perhaps?


Naomi is back in town, but she is facing a health crisis and this will bring Rachel rushing to her side. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Naomi will hear someone’s name and it leaves her rattled. The buzz is that it will soon be revealed that Rachel and Elizabeth are half-sisters and that this next name shocker is connected to this coming together.

Michael and Sabrina are growing closer to one another again, but General Hospital spoilers detail that they are in for a shocker. Someone will arrive at the Quartermaine mansion to see Sabrina and Michael will see him and tell him to get away from her. It seems that this visitor is a Carlos lookalike and as Soap Central shares, there has been some buzz that Jeffrey Vincent Parise may be back as something more than a ghost haunting Julian.


There has been some speculation that Parise may return as a twin or lookalike cousin of Carlos’, and based on the latest General Hospital spoilers from previews for Thursday’s show, it certainly looks as if this may be the case. This certainly would not be the first time that GH brought back an actor to tackle a new role, and everybody will be curious to see where this heads.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are big twists and turns ahead as the rest of the week plays out and the summer storylines hit their peak. Viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action as shocking returns and departures shake things up in Port Charles.

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