Kate Gosselin Tweets Pic Of Daughter In Heels, Gets Attacked By Twitter Followers

Gasp! Kate Gosselin allowed her 11-year-old daughter to try on her high heels, and then she had the audacity to post a picture of her daughter’s bare legs and feet on Twitter. That action has led to many of the former reality TV stars 100,000 followers to lash out at the celebrity mom.

In a seemingly innocent tweet, Kate had written:

“Hafta make u guess who just HAD to try on my heels that I just unpacked from my bag tonight… Starts w an ‘M.”

The photo, which shows daughter Mady’s legs, immediate led to angry responses from parents including:

“What Mom would showcase her 11 yr old’s legs to 100,000 Twitter followers with all the pedophiles out there, wearing Mom’s high heels!”

On the other hand, some moms supported the decision, noting that many parents find it adorable when their daughter tries to be just like mommy in her high heels.

Kate Gosselin is often put under a microscope for stupid decisions; in this case, it appears as if an innocent attempt at being funny and showing off her daughter’s love of shoes has landed her in some seriously hot water.


While Gosselin may have been attacked on Twitter over the picture, she has chosen not to send out any tweets regarding the controversy. Perhaps no response at all is a good idea since there is really nothing to get upset about in the first place.

Here is the photo in question:

Kate Gosselin Twitter Photo of Daughter In Heels

Do you think Kate Gosselin should have allowed her 11-year-old daughter be shown wearing her high heels?