Jay Pharoah Debuts President Obama Impersonation On SNL [Video]

Goodbye Fred Armisen, hello Jay Pharoah. Saturday Night Live debuted its new President Obama last night during the shows 38th season premiere.

Phoaroh, who joined the show in 2010, has played actors like Jay-Z, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith on Saturday Night Live. And last night he was finally able to show the world his POTUS impression.

The show acknowledged the change during the opening sketch as Armisen introduced President Obama.

Armisen says:

“Man, who would want that guy’s job.”

Pharoah then takes the stage to show SNL its new President.

The opening sketch focused on an overconfident Obama telling his fans why he’s not worried about the competition.

Obama says:

“There’s something I want you all to know. I’m not worried. Not in the least. I should be. Seems like I would be. But I’m not. I’ll tell you why. My campaign has a secret weapon. And that secret weapon is speaking in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

The camera then cuts to Mitt Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis.

Sudeikis recently agreed to stay on the show until at least January. That means that Jason, who does a great Romney, and Pharoah, who does a pretty good Obama, will be together throughout the 2012 election.

What do you think of SNL’s new political duo?

Here’s the video of Jay Pharoah doing President Obama on SNL.