Kate Middleton Topless Photos: Italian Magazine Ready To Publish 200 Candid Shots

Kate Middleton topless photos have been circulating for almost a week, and now Italian magazine the Palace claims it has 200 more topless photos it is preparing to publish.

According to the Italian magazine, it will publish a whopping 26-page spread on Monday.

In the meantime, the Royal Family’s legal team has already jumped in to squash the photos before they see the light of day. The legal team argues that the photos were taken while Middleton and Prince William were on a private balcony in a remote area of France.

The Kate Middleton topless photos scandal has not slowed down the newlyweds who were spotting hanging out in the Solomon Islands on Sunday. Kate and William are currently touring the southeast parts of Asia where they have been spotted wearing all of their clothing.

In the meantime, a bunch of semi-nude photos could be the least of the couple’s problems; a French magazine editor recently made a veiled claim in which they revealed that photos of the royal couple having sex might be in their possession.

With Prince Harry getting naked in Las Vegas and now this newest scandal, perhaps the royal family should consider a simple solution: Don’t take your clothes off in public places or in front of people with camera phones.

Do you think the Royal Family’s legal team will be successful in placing an injunction against the Italian magazine before it has time to publish the massive 26-page spread of Kate Middleton’s breasts?