‘Big Brother’ 18 Spoilers: Houseguests Make Probable Decision About Who To Evict, One Houseguest Worries About Being A ‘Mean Girl’ [Spoilers]

The next Big Brother 18 eviction is less than a day away, so houseguests continued to negotiate, whisper, and campaign regarding which player should be sent packing. As the scheming continued on live feeds, one cast member expressed concerns about her allegiances in the game and being perceived as one of the “mean girls” in the house.

Although Natalie sits on the chopping block, nominated by Week 4 Head of Household (HOH) Paulie, she serves as a pawn with Tiffany chosen as the main target when nominations initially took place. Corey was also on block with the two women, nominated by the Big Brother Road Kill (BBRK) winner, Tiffany, but after Corey won the Power of Veto (POV), he used the medallion on himself for safety. As the BBRK victor, Tiffany was required to replace her nominee and did so with Da’Vonne, as seen in Wednesday night’s Big Brother 18 episode.

The question now lingering in the minds of most of the houseguests is whether Tiffany or Da’Vonne is the bigger threat to their games. Frank continues to aggressively campaign to keep Tiffany, as he believes Da’Vonne has it out for him and will target him the next chance she gets. Paulie, however, believes that Tiffany should be the one to go this week, arguing she should have been sent out the door last week.

According to Big Brother Daily, sometime between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Wednesday night Big Brother house time, Paulie could be heard telling James that “Tiffany has got to go” even though he believes Da’Vonne will eventually “throw them under the bus.” Paulie reiterated that Frank should be booted out next week, and Da’Vonne should follow him the week after. Paulie seems to be sure Tiffany is coming after him no matter what, and so far it appears no one can sway him from this position.

About an hour later, Corey spoke with James and said he felt it was weird that Da’Vonne has not come to talk to him yet, Big Brother Daily reports. Corey then noted that at least Tiffany is trying to campaign to stay in the Big Brother 18 house and possibly even work with him.

Nicole and James also had a conversation with Nicole saying she thinks Da’Vonne is placing a target on the showmance couples, but Tiffany would be grateful if she was saved from eviction. James said he feels as though Tiffany fooled everyone once, and Frank would be hurt by losing her, which he sees as a positive, Big Brother Daily writes.

After this discussion, Nicole spoke to Corey and told him she wants to respect Paulie’s wishes as HOH this week, and she also didn’t want to upset Zakiyah and Michelle by keeping Tiffany. Nicole then informed Frank that they just don’t have the votes to keep Tiffany. According to Big Brother Daily, this didn’t stop Frank from arguing that Da’Vonne has the ability to influence other people so he doesn’t want to wait to evict her and let her sway the jury regarding votes for the eventual winner.

Shortly thereafter, Tiffany decided to speak to Paulie directly to plead her case to stay in the Big Brother 18 house. Big Brother Daily reports, she told Paulie that if he voted to keep her and she won HOH, she would let Paulie make all the decisions for her. Paulie rejected Tiffany’s offer by saying he would not want to take an HOH from her. Eventually, as the two spoke, Paulie assured Tiffany that if the vote comes down to a tie and he must break it as HOH, he would vote to evict Da’Vonne.

Following this interaction, Paulie spoke in private with James and told him the plan to evict Tiffany is on, noting he will choose to send her out the door if the vote comes down to a tie. Big Brother Daily reports that a very confident Paulie added he isn’t worried about Da’Vonne and her influence over jury votes, as he doesn’t plan on taking a female to the end with him anyway.


Prior to the aforementioned back and forth that went on between houseguests regarding the next Big Brother 18 eviction, Frank was in full swing, making his case to Nicole to keep Tiffany. According to Joker’s Updates, he told her that when talking to Michelle, the two surmised the vote to save Tiffany may be 7 to 1. Nicole promised to help campaign for Tiffany, which obviously did not actually pan out, but she was also worried about how she is being perceived. Nicole told Frank that some of the other girls were giving her a hard time for talking to Bridgette, Frank’s closest ally in the game. Frank noted, “They are mean girls,” adding, “I don’t want you to be painted as a mean girl.”

Nicole strongly responded to Frank’s comment about being a “mean girl” by proclaiming, “I know!”

In the end, the houseguests will have to contend with one of the first five cast members evicted from the Big Brother 18 house, as the Battle Back competition will take place on Friday. The person sent out the door on Thursday, along with Glenn, Jozea, Victor, and Bronte, will have a chance to get back into the game. Due to the competition and the secrecy surrounding the returning houseguest, feeds will go down sometime on Thursday and not return until Friday night after the Battle Back challenge airs.

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