Kat Von D Apologizes For Jeffree Star Drama As Pal Gets Paid

Kat Von D’s work is done. The celebrity tattoo artist and L.A. Ink star unleashed a social media firestorm earlier this week when she announced that she has decided to “completely disassociate” herself from longtime friend Jeffree Star, and now she is apologizing to the mutual friend caught in the crossfire.

Earlier this week, Kat Von D posted a message on Instagram, alleging Star’s “inappropriate behavior” and revealing that she would even be pulling the “Jeffree” lipstick shade from her own Kat Von D Beauty makeup collection.


In a 14-minute video she posted a few hours later, Von D gave a lengthy explanation as to what went wrong with their friendship. In the video, which can be seen below, Kat accused her former friend of “stealing” a logo idea for his own makeup collection. Kat appealed to Star to do the right thing and pay their mutual friend, graphic artist B.J. Betts, for his help in designing Jeffree’s logo.

While Kat admitted that her decision to cut off Star completely “comes off very harsh,” she stated her reasons for the dissolution of their 10-year friendship. Von D also accused Star of misleading fans with his views on vegan cosmetic products after he urged fans to boycott a competitor’s line due to false claims that they were vegan.

“I mean you like to put that word on your packaging so you can bring in the vegan bucks, but like, you totally eat animal products,” Von D said in her video.


But Kat’s biggest beef with her ex-friend was over payment for a logo design for his cosmetics line. In the video, Kat appealed to Jeffree to just pay their pal B.J. Betts for his work in helping to design the logo for Jeffree Star cosmetics. Kat even showed cell phone pics of Betts’ sketches of his early design ideas, which appear to be very similar to Star’s finished logo.


In a back and forth Twitter spat, Star contended that he and Betts “are 100% fine.” Kat asked him to stop lying and urged him to apologize and tell the truth for once. Kat Von D later wrote that “BJ texted me that you reached out with a settlement proposal an hour after I posted video.”


Whatever the sequence of events, B.J. Betts has now been paid, but it’s unclear what he was paid for and whose side he is on. Kat Von D took to Twitter to apologize to Betts for the fact that it took “all of this hassle” for him to finally get paid for his work.

“Onwards and upwards,” Kat wrote.


Meanwhile, Star posted his own video response to Kat Von D’s claims about him, naming the 23-minute rant “Dear Kat Von D.” You can see that video below. The makeup entrepreneur showed a text exchange he had with Kat and revealed that Von D backed out on a previous promise to invest in his business. He also explained why he “passed” on using Betts to design all of his packaging and said his final makeup logo is actually similar to one he used on his Hot Topics clothing line several years ago.

Star later slammed Von D on Twitter for making his “personal business” with Betts public, and assured followers that the graphic artist has been paid. He also asked that fans respect Betts’ privacy. Betts confirmed that his issue with Star has been “amicably resolved” and said he will have no further comments on the matter.

Either way, if this celebrity tattoo artist thing doesn’t work out for her, Kat Von D should take a job as a collections agent.


Take a look at the video below to see Jeffree’s response to Kat Von D’s claims about him.


[Photo by Andy Kropa/Getty Images]