WWE News: WWE NXT Expected To See Other Major Names Called Up To The Main Roster This Fall, Who Is Possible?

During the WWE Draft this past Tuesday night, we had the chance to see seven people get called up from WWE NXT. Due to the fact that tag teams counted as one pick, the six pick rule was still allowed when WWE brought up American Alpha and added them to the WWE SmackDown roster. Interestingly, there was a thought that the two might get broken up where Jason Jordan would get the call but Chad Gable would not. Thankfully, they changed their minds.

Others came up as well, like Mojo Rawley, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Nia Jax, and Finn Balor. They join American Alpha in the NXT picks that will help both WWE RAW and SmackDown during the brand split. Many were disappointed in the WWE, however, as they yet again passed up on the most popular female in NXT in Bayley. They also avoided calling up Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe.

Many wondered when they would actually get the call, as it made sense to see one or two of them get called up over the likes of Mojo and Nia who most fans feel aren’t even close to ready yet. Fear not, as we may not need to wait too long for WWE to bring up some of your favorite NXT stars. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE plans to bring up more people this fall. This could be why WWE avoided bringing up the likes of Bayley and Samoa Joe this quick.

Bayley HHH [Image via WWE]Most feel, however, that Bayley will get the call this Sunday at WWE Battleground. Sasha Banks needs a partner against Dana Brooke and Charlotte. Due to the fact that Banks and Bayley are noted friends on and off screen, despite their rivalry on NXT, she seems like the most likely choice to be the mystery partner. Despite her appearance this Sunday, that does not mean Bayley will be called up officially.

She may only work this match with Sasha and go right back down to NXT. It is rumored that Bayley may actually come up officially sometime after WWE SummerSlam, which would technically be the fall. So despite her possible addition to the Battleground card, mysterious or not, we should not expect it to be the official call up for her. She is set to work against Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT: Brooklyn. That said, she is technically busy on NXT programming.

Some critics would claim that she’s done filming for NXT and could easily work for the main roster and do the match in Brooklyn. In fact, Sasha Banks came up around this same time last year and worked both Brooklyn and SummerSlam. She then came back for NXT Takeover: Respect. That said, she easily could go that route if WWE wanted her to do so. At this point, the fans would really like to see Bayley make the move to the main roster, so just teasing it is only going to anger the fans more.

Samoa Joe Finn Balor [Image via WWE]Meanwhile Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe are a weird case. Samoa Joe clearly has the NXT Title and will face Nakamura for the title in Brooklyn. It is expected that Nakamura will win the title. Joe would then want a rematch and that would keep Joe with NXT for a bit longer. They could always have him debut before, but it does look like he’ll finish his program with Nakamura before coming up. Nakamura in being NXT Champion would then stick around on NXT to help for a few more months.

That means the fall call-ups may consist of just a couple people, which might just be Bayley and Samoa Joe. Everyone else may get the call slowly throughout 2017 or in the normal times. As of now, WWE needs to sign people to help with NXT before the top tier names can get called up but WWE has to also use some of them. This is a catch-22 for WWE, which is why they are trying not to lose everyone so quick to the main roster.

[Image via WWE]