WWE News: Update On The Exact Medication That Caused Roman Reigns To Violate The WWE Wellness Policy

Late last month, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Seth Rollins in a match at WWE Money in the Bank. Rollins then interestingly lost the title to Dean Ambrose. The title then was renamed the WWE Championship, leading to obvious speculation that two World Titles would return. Regardless, both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had a beef, but so did Roman when it came to the title.

He deserved his rematch, as did Rollins. It was then decided that the three of them would face off at WWE Battleground in the main event for the WWE Title. Ambrose goes in as the top guy for WWE SmackDown, while Rollins and Reigns are WWE RAW-based. Reigns fell in the draft a bit, but this was for obvious reasons. The main reason had to do with the fact that he was suspended. The suspension clearly came at a terrible time for Reigns as well.

Most of the WWE fans were already not high on him, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was also starting to sour on the powerhouse. The thought going into the match at Battleground was that Ambrose or Rollins would win, but it seemed more than obvious that Reigns would lose and maybe be the one to take the fall. While he was suspended, his sentence expires soon and right before the PPV this Sunday.

Booker T and others within WWE have mentioned on air that the fans were already hard on Reigns before, but when he comes back they’ll be just as bad if not worse. McMahon has even used Rollins to include Reigns in the build up to Battleground, since Reigns is in the main event with Ambrose and Seth. He used Rollins as a heel to sort of make fun of and attack the three-time World Champion and two-time WrestleMania main eventer. It has clearly been noted.

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However, was all of this hate worth it? Did Roman Reigns really take something terrible, or did he take something most would consider light in comparison to what we’ve seen others take in the past with WWE?

According to a report from a few weeks back, it was said to have been an amphetamine. This didn’t narrow things down as several different things could have been taken to test positive this on a test. Keep in mind, the Wellness Policy does not focus on the medicine but rather the group. Even if the medicine isn’t bad, the lab won’t know this. They will only know the group and not the exact medication taken. So when Roman Reigns’ test says he was popped for an amphetamine, it opens up a wild variety of medicines.

So what did he actually take? The Wrestling Observer reports Roman tested positive for Adderall. The medicine does fall under the illegal substance list for WWE. The company does allow its use if one has a prescription for it, but if not, the company will suspend a talent for it. The medicine is commonly used for ADHD/ADD. It helps people with focus and due to the stimulant nature, it can offer energy.

When guys and girls are on the road with WWE, both focus and staying awake with energy can be useful. There are long drives on the brutal travel schedule. Most use coffee and energy drinks to help here, however some feel the need to take medication to do it. With a proper prescription, clearly Roman Reigns would have not violated any part of the Wellness Policy. The issue is that he didn’t have one, which means he probably borrowed one from a friend or family member and then took one of the surprise drug tests around the same time, which caused the violation.

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The issue with Roman Reigns is not so much the medicine, even though one should only take Adderall with a prescription anyway. It was the fact that he could have avoided the violation with a simple doctor visit and prescription. It is likely that Reigns is not ADHD and does not need the medicine, which may be why he did not do this.

Adderall is often shared among college kids for high-end studying and preparation for exams or papers. It helps with focus so much that it is commonly shared or sometimes stolen to help here. However, this is very illegal, and the stimulant has become very popular among people using it without a prescription these days. Roman Reigns not only violated the Wellness Policy, but he also violated the law in all technicality if he did indeed take the drug.

Don’t expect anything major to come from this, but you can hope that Roman Reigns does not use it again without a prescription. While this is by no means someone getting popped for steroids or pain killers, it is still an issue that someone is taking a drug illegally despite the common sharing of the drug these days. One can decide whether or not they still want to hate on Reigns for his violation in knowing this. However, you can expect booing to continue, as they were doing this well before the WWE Wellness Policy violation and will only continue.

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