Jeffree Star Fires Back At Kat Von D, Denies Stealing Kat Von D’s Makeup Formula & B.J. Betts’ Artwork [Video]

Jeffree Star finally speaks and he came with “receipts!” It’s been two days since Kat Von D uploaded the controversial video entitled, “Dear Jeffree Star It’s Easier To Do The Right Thing” onto her YouTube channel. In the video, Kat explained the details of her feud with makeup entrepreneur, Jeffree Star. “I kindly ask you, Jeffree…all I ask is that you do the right thing,” Von D pleads in her video.

Earlier that day, Kat posted an old photo of Jeffree to her Instagram account, publicly and officially distancing herself from Jeffree and his brand. In this photo, Kat had an incredibly long caption explaining her reasons for distancing herself from Star.

In the last few weeks, Jeffree has come under fire within the YouTube community for numerous things regarding racist remarks made between 2008-2010, violence, Snapchat fights with other makeup gurus, and more. Now, Jeffree comes forward to tell his side of the story. Jeffree is currently on a tour bus and on his way to attend Warped Tour but made time to upload a video entitled, “Dear Kat Von D: It’s Easier To Tell The Truth.”

“At first it was really s hocking to see someone I’ve known for 10 years do something so aggressive. It really saddened me because there were so many things that were not true in the video.”

Jeffree informs the audience this isn’t just a case of “internet drama” as death threats to Jeffree’s family members have been made.

“Two-three days later, I get calls from three of my family members and people from the internet, after watching her video have found their numbers. Their calling my family, screaming death threats in the phone and leaving really nasty, vile messages. And that’s really scary.”

Jeffree says everything has become a total circus.

“Kat, I can’t believe you would post something, knowingly and calculating it, where you knew the response you would get. You are not some random friend of mine. You are a celebrity, you have paparazzi after you—you are a big name. You can’t deny that. And for you to use such a huge platform, to say things that are not true and to get the response you knew you were going to get, is so disheartening and so vicious.”

In the 23-minute video, Jeffree provides text messages between himself and Kat as evidence to support his statements. Kat said she would show evidence of the text messages between herself and Jeffree but never did. Jeffree read the text messages aloud. The texts confirm Kat Von D and Jeffree Star had spoken only a few times via text in the last several months. Then suddenly, Kat texts Jeffree asking him why he had not paid B.J. Betts for the artwork he provided for Jeffree’s brand.

Jeffree explains he reached out to B.J. Betts when his “brand was nonexistent at this point, it was an idea.” Jeffree says B.J. “started the idea” of the logo design, but Jeffree finished it with his own artist. The reason for this is Jeffree could not afford B.J. Betts at the time.

“I can tell you how he started his makeup line. I can tell you because I was there,” she says in the video. Kat claims she “hooked him up” with her factory contacts and a tattoo artist friend, B.J. Betts who could help with logo design, according to New York Magazine.

Kat claims Jeffree told her to “f**** off” when she confronted him about payment to B.J. Betts. Jeffree took screenshots of the text messages that played an important role in the feud, then posted them to Twitter. In text, Jeffree and Kat Von D discussed furniture, collaborating on YouTube and other topical things.

Kat Von D An Investor In Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

Jeffree says he invested his entire life savings into his first three lip color shades. However, according to Jeffree, Kat was supposed to be an investor in his brand. Jeffree says Kat agreed to this and he has emails to back this statement up. Jeffree says Kat gave him a ton of good advice but ultimately disappeared when it was time to invest.

Jeffree explains Kat has been on television for years and has had tons of media training—stating she knows exactly how to drop bombs in subtle ways. This is in reference to Kat saying Jeffree will go on a “tweaker rant” on Snapchat once he watches her video.

Did Jeffree Star Steal Kat Von D’s Makeup Formula?

Jeffree continues to explain how makeup laboratories operate to ensure no one knows what formula the next brand is working on. Jeffree is firm in his stance of never stealing any of Kat Von D’s makeup formula.

“Kat, I have never judged your character online, I have never said one bad thing about you and I don’t plan to now. I’m just really hurt that you’re telling people I stole from you and that I stole from B.J.”

[Photos by John Sciulli/Stringer/Getty Images]