‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Momma Dee Confronts Ernest And Shirleen At Rasheeda’s Barbecue

Momma Dee is known to pop up, especially when she has something she wants to get off her chest. In the newest sneak peek for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, nothing has changed when she decides to surprise her husband Ernest in the upcoming episode. This time around, though, Momma Dee pops up at Rasheeda’s barbecue and has plenty to say not only to her husband but also to Rasheeda’s mom Shirleen.

It’s no secret that Ernest has been spending time with Shirleen lately and Momma Dee already caught them together once. Of course, they weren’t doing anything shady, and it turns out that Ernest just went to Rasheeda’s mom for some relationship advice.

That still didn’t sit well with Momma Dee, who can’t stand Shirleen, and pretty much everyone who watches LHHATL knows it. It’s pretty safe to say that Ernest knows too, but he keeps going back to Shirleen for advice about his crumbling marriage to Momma Dee.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Pretty much everyone at the barbecue is nervous for Momma Dee’s arrival, even her son Lil Scrappy. He is afraid that his mom might really freak out if she pulls up to Rasheeda’s house and sees Shirleen sitting with Ernest. He even made a suggestion that the two friends move apart before his mom arrives.

In the new VH1 clip, Momma Dee surprises everyone when she shows up to Rasheeda’s barbecue and doesn’t attack Shirleen. Instead, she actually apologizes to her for the way that she acted and also for the nest that she made in Rasheeda’s store.

It seems that Momma Dee wants to play nice during the LHHATL event but not with everyone. She definitely wants to make a big impression on Ernest, and it’s pretty safe to say that their marriage is still in a very rocky place.

After Momma Dee addresses Shirleen and clears the air, she turns her attention to Ernest. In a surprising move, Dee pulls out a will to show to Ernest. She wants her husband to read the will out loud, so Ernest complies. In it, she has made it clear that if she were to die, Ernest would inherit a full dollar and nothing more.

That’s when Momma Dee, never short on drama, pulls a framed $1 bill out of her purse and hands it to Ernest. Then she tells him not to spend it all in one place and away.

Ever since Momma Dee married Ernest, she has been scoring extra minutes on Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Fans of the VH1 reality show have been able to see Lil Scrappy’s mom as she rekindles her relationship with Ernest now that he’s out of prison. Many fans are wondering just how long Momma Dee’s second marriage to Ernest might last with all the drama that has been wreaking havoc on their relationship since getting back together.

There are rumors that Momma Dee already wants a divorce from Ernest. It seems the newest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta relationship may be doomed already. It was just last month that Momma Dee went on a Twitter rant about Ernest and spilled the beans about his shortcomings after he told Shirleen that she was bipolar and that she drank too much.

Gossip On This reported that Momma Dee complained about Ernest’s excessive smoking, his refusal to see a doctor, and most importantly, how bad he is about bill paying. Is it time for Momma Dee and Ernest to just go their separate ways? Fans will get to see much more of their relationship play out on the upcoming Season 5, episode 16 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

[Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]