My Chemical Romance Back On The Black Parade: Internet Goes Nuts

My Chemical Romance is without question one of the most important bands of this century. Formed in New Jersey in 2001, My Chemical Romance took the world of rock by the throat and gave it a real shakeup. While they released just four studio albums before they split up in 2013, the impact that My Chemical Romance had on rock music cannot be overestimated. Put simply, My Chemical Romance put the rock back into an industry dominated by bland, safe and formulaic pop music.

When they announced they were planning to split up in 2013, fans around the world were devastated, but as was reported in the Inquisitr at the time, frontman Gerard Way told fans that while “My Chemical Romance is done…it can never die.” It seems that Way’s words may have been prophetic. Rumors are sweeping the internet saying that My Chemical Romance is planning to reform to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their most popular and most important album, The Black Parade.

October 2016 marks a decade since The Black Parade was released, and Consequence of Sound reports that it appears My Chemical Romance has something huge planned to celebrate their career defining release.

Earlier today, a video appeared on My Chemical Romance’s Facebook page and YouTube channel which at least hints that a celebration tour could be on the cards later in the year. NME reports that the 34-second video features a flag with a black cross on it billowing in the wind. A slow piano version of the intro to “Welcome To The Black Parade” plays over the top of the video, which ends with the date September 23, 2016.

My Chemical Romance’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter account have all been updated with the new logo, and the band’s news page simply says “watch this.” As word has spread that a My Chemical Romance reunion could be in the works, the internet has gone crazy trying to work out what it all means. While there has been no official announcement, fans are speculating that My Chemical Romance is reforming to tour in celebration of The Black Parade.

Of course, other theories are equally likely, and it could simply mean that My Chemical Romance intends to release an updated or remastered version of the album. Whatever the end result, September 23 looks set to be a huge day for My Chemical Romance fans. If the band puts together a tour, it would be My Chemical Romance’s first shows since 2013, and tickets are sure to be in huge demand.

The Black Parade is seen by many as a seminal album, but it was the subject of a great deal of controversy shortly after it’s release. U.K. tabloids the Sun and the Daily Mail attacked My Chemical Romance, blaming the band for the suicide of 13-year-old British girl, Hannah Bond. The tabloids linked Hannah’s suicide to a “self-harming ’emo’ cult” and directly linked the so-called cult to My Chemical Romance, and to The Black Parade, in particular. The claim was that My Chemical Romance and emo music glorified self-harm, and suicide and the coroner suggested that Hannah’s obsession with My Chemical Romance was a factor in her suicide.

There is no doubt that My Chemical Romance’s lyrics are dark, especially on The Black Parade, but Gerard Way has always rejected the band’s categorization as an emo band. All the way back in 2007, NME reported that Gerard firmly rejected the assertion that My Chemical Romance is an emo band.

“I think emo’s a pile of s**t. I think emo is f***ing garbage – it’s bulls**t.”

“I think there are bands that we get lumped in with that are considered emo and, by default, that starts to make us emo. All I can say is that anyone actually listening to the records, putting the records next to each other and listening to them, would know there are actually no similarities.”

However people choose to categorize My Chemical Romance, their fans will be thrilled at the prospect of a celebratory tour if it should come about.

[Photo by Tom Hevezi/AP]