WWE News: WWE Has ‘No Clue’ What To Do With Their Championships For Brand Extension

Once WWE announced the brand extension several months ago, many people believed that the WWE Draft would sort out most of the issues when it came to organizing the roster and WWE’s Championships. After last night, the WWE Draft is over. WWE has reorganized the roster for better or worse depending on your opinion, but WWE still hasn’t answered a few questions about their championships.

Most of that is probably due to the WWE Battleground PPV this Sunday because there are three matches for a WWE title that could result in multiple title changes. After the WWE Draft last night, it’s known that Charlotte’s WWE Women’s title and The New Day’s WWE World Tag Team Championship will remain on Raw because neither title is being defended on Sunday’s PPV.

However, the rest of WWE’s titles could end up on Raw or SmackDown by the end of the weekend. The Miz will try to keep the Intercontinental title on SmackDown against Raw’s Darren Young. Raw’s United States Champion Rusev will do the same against SmackDown’s Zack Ryder. And of course, Dean Ambrose will defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a triple threat match at WWE Battleground.

The New Day Display the WWE Tag Team Titles
[Image via WWE.com]

However, WWE may not have a specific plan in place going into WWE Battleground as of this writing because a recent report from Ringside News claims that WWE officials are still trying to figure out what to do with the singles titles and the Tag Team division after WWE Battleground.

The most obvious solution for the World title picture is to establish another World title for Raw or SmackDown depending on who wins the WWE Championship on Sunday, but that would probably lead to all divisions getting two championships on Raw and SmackDown, which could be far too many championships on the WWE programming.

The word is nothing is set in stone, and WWE officials have no clue what they are going to do about this issue, but a decision must be made by WWE Battleground. It has been rumored that WWE officials are also considering making many of the company’s titles competitive on both Raw and SmackDown, but then what was the purpose of the WWE Draft?

Charlotte Displays the Womens title
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This is no doubt, a complex issue to deal with after the WWE Draft, especially with one to three titles potentially changing hands at WWE Battleground. However, there are many solutions to this problem, which could also create real competition between Raw and SmackDown to continue the feud between Stephanie and Shane McMahon for storyline purposes.

For example, the WWE Championship could be featured on both Raw and SmackDown. That is just part of the deal when it comes to being “The Man” in WWE. The way the title structure would work is one competitor from Raw and one from SmackDown could wrestle a No. 1 contenders match every month to determine the next man to face the WWE Champion.

If the WWE Champion loses the title, he just returns to the brand he was originally drafted to during the WWE Draft. This structure could work for the WWE Women’s title and the WWE Tag Team Championship as well. The only titles that would be exclusive to Raw and SmackDown would be the IC and U.S. Championships, which would be perfect for brand identity.

Structuring WWE’s title picture like this would create genuine competition within Raw and SmackDown, but it would also create a rivalry between the brands to decide who will have all of WWE’s championships. There would always be new feuds, and titles would jump between brands to create more opportunities for the entire roster rather than each brand having their own titles. It could work, but this is just one idea. WWE needs to have some kind of plan by WWE Battleground for better or worse.

[Image via WWE.com]