Does Blake Shelton Really Want To Drink Beer With Gwen Stefani’s Ex-Husband? [Rumor]

Blake Shelton’s growing bond with Gwen Stefani’s sons is allegedly making their father, Gavin Rossdale, unhappy. However, according to a recent report, Blake believes he has found a way to smooth things over with Gwen’s ex-husband — all it will take is a few beers.

OK! Magazine claims that Blake Shelton has reached out to Gavin Rossdale in hopes that he will be willing to have a man-to-man talk about his concerns. Gavin has allegedly threatened to take legal action to keep his boys—Kingston (10), Zuma (7) and Apollo (2)—away from their mother’s new boyfriend. However, Blake reportedly doesn’t want to fight with the father of Gwen Stefani’s children, and he thinks he can convince Gavin that he has no reason to fret over the boys spending time with him.

“Blake wants Gavin to know that he’s serious about Gwen and the kids but has no intention of replacing him as their dad,” a source revealed.

Blake Shelton allegedly plans on getting Gavin Rossdale to loosen up by treating him like one of his drinking buddies.

“He thinks the best way to hash it out is over a couple of beers.”

Gwen Stefani And Her Ex-Husband, Gavin Rossdale Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale with sons Zuma and Kingston [Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]Gwen Stefani is reportedly “touched” that Blake Shelton loves her so much that he’s willing to endure what would likely be an awkward encounter with her ex. Spending less time with her sons has been hard on Gwen, who told the New York Times that sharing joint custody of the kids with Gavin Rossdale is “the most unjust, unbelievable system.” A source later told Us Weekly that Gwen’s ex-husband was making things even more difficult on her by insisting that he “be consulted on everything concerning the kids and the role that Blake is playing in their lives.”

An insider told E! News that the kids “love” Blake Shelton, and this is killing Gavin; he doesn’t want Blake to keep strengthening his bond with the boys.

“Gavin doesn’t agree with [Gwen] having a relationship with Blake, and he doesn’t like her bringing the kids around him,” an insider dished.

In May, Gavin reportedly had a “secret meeting” with Gwen to discuss her relationship with Blake Shelton and his relationship with their boys. At that time, Blake did not seem interested in making peace with Gavin.

“[Blake] has nothing to do with Gavin,” a source close to the country star revealed.

Based on what this source told Us Weekly, it would be difficult for Blake Shelton to have a friendly conversation with Gavin. Blake is reportedly “disgusted” that Gavin cheated on Gwen Stefani with their children’s nanny, and he “can’t forgive someone who treated his lady that way.”

So things have either changed since May, or the OK! Magazine story is bogus. The tabloid’s track record with publishing true Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton stories isn’t so great, so there’s a high likelihood that its latest claim about Blake wanting to drink beer with Gavin is another fabrication. Gossip Cop has debunked the tabloid’s previous claims that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are broken up, secretly married, and expecting twins.

Even though Blake Shelton may not actually be interested in slamming back a few beers with Gavin Rossdale, he has never publicly bashed that father of his girlfriend’s children. Blake has also been careful not to brag about how much the boys like spending time with him, even claiming that he rarely sees them when they visit his home in Oklahoma. According to Blake, he doesn’t act like their dad by trying to tell them how to behave. He just lets them run wild.

“When they come out there, I don’t see them much because if they’re at my place in Oklahoma, they’re in the woods,” Shelton told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t know how to keep control of them.”

Do you think Blake Shelton would actually ask Gavin Rossdale to have a beer with him for the sake of the kids, or is the latest Shefani rumor even more ridiculous than the claim that Blake proposed to Gwen with a ring buried in a bucket of chicken?

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