Louis Tomlinson: No End In Sight For One Direction Baby Drama

Louis Tomlinson and One Direction may be on hiatus, but poor Louis just does not seem to be able to put drama behind him. Becoming a parent for the first time should be the most exciting time in any young couple’s life, but for Louis and baby mama Briana Jungwirth the past year has been the most dramatic of their lives. Ever since U.K. tabloid The Sun broke the news in July of last year that Tomlinson was to become a father, both Louis and Briana have lived a life full of drama.

Most couples are able to enjoy pregnancy, the birth of a child, and baby’s early years in privacy. For Tomlinson and Jungwirth, the story has been very different. Of course, Tomlinson is one of the best known faces in the world of music, and his journey to fatherhood and beyond has been anything but easy. Louis and Briana are hardly a typical couple; indeed to call them a couple seems churlish. Tomlinson and Jungwirth had the briefest of relationships when Louis had a stopover in L.A. during One Direction’s On The Road Again world tour, and Jungwirth’s pregnancy was the result.

It seems that rumor and speculation about baby Freddie Tomlinson have denied Louis the luxury of getting to know his son in the way that most new dads are able to enjoy. Many One Direction fans are convinced that Louis’ management have forced him into some sort of sick publicity stunt, and numerous “fan theories” have swept the internet. Tomlinson’s refusal to discuss his relationship with Briana or her pregnancy has been seen as a sign that all was not well.

Louis’ silence has led to a huge amount of tabloid speculation, most of it critical of Tomlinson, who has been unfairly tarnished as a “deadbeat dad” and a womanizer. Jungwirth has been painted as a gold-digger and has managed to alienate a huge number of Louis’ fans. Her family have attacked Tomlinson on social media and as a result managed to anger many of his fans. The way some members of the extended Jungwirth family have behaved on social media is arguably even more strange given that it was reported in The Inquisitr some time ago that they had been given media coaching by One Direction’s management team.

In recent weeks, media focus has switched back to the problems that Jungwirth has over Louis moving on from any kind of relationship with her. The Mirror recently claimed that Louis was set to take Briana to court to seek joint custody of Freddie. Tomlinson is reportedly unhappy that Briana has been “inconsistent” in allowing him access to Freddie. The root of the problem seems to be that she is jealous of Louis’ relationship with Danielle Campbell.

Numerous reports have suggested that Briana does not want Danielle to spend any time with her son. The Daily Mail reports that Jungwirth took to Twitter last week to make comments believed to be aimed squarely at Campbell. Briana went on a rant, saying “you can pretend all you want but you will never be my baby son’s mother.” The comment was made after Tomlinson spent the day at the beach with Freddie, Danielle, and members of Louis’ family.

The situation that Tomlinson and Jungwirth find themselves in is complex and confusing. Who knows what hopes and dreams Briana had over her relationship with Louis. There have been suggestions that she had hoped to build a stable relationship with Louis, that they would be a proper couple and raise Freddie together. Seeing Tomlinson move on and in a relationship with someone else must be difficult, and jealousy is perhaps a natural reaction.

On the other hand Louis is certainly meeting his obligations as a parent. Tomlinson is providing a great deal of financial support for Jungwirth and his son and seems determined to share parenting responsibilities. Many young men in Louis’ situation would have simply walked away, so Jungwirth has much to be grateful for.

It is understandable that Jungwirth may be jealous of Campbell, but of course Louis has every right to introduce his son to whomever he pleases. So long as Freddie is not in physical or moral danger, she has no right to try to stop Louis from allowing Danielle to get to know his son.

Living out this drama in the glare of public scrutiny must be very difficult for both Louis and Briana, but it is something that they must come to terms with. It seems that Louis Tomlinson’s baby drama has some way to run before it is over.

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