‘Once Upon A Time’: Multiple Villains And Regina To Be ‘The Savior’ In Season 6? [Spoilers]

Warning: Once Upon A Time Season 6 spoilers are ahead.

Once Upon A Time has begun filming Season 6, and recently, set photos were leaked. Based on the first images, it appears that Storybrooke is going to be quite magical, just as OUAT fans hoped it would be. What else can be expected when the fairy tale series returns to ABC network? According to sources, Regina Mills could be “The Savior” that rescues everyone from The Evil Queen.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are different theories on what Lana Parrilla’s character will be like in Season 6. Some wondered if separating Regina Mills from The Evil Queen could remove all “negative traits” from the character and make her too soft. However, the actress recently posted a video on Facebook showing that she was learning how to sword fight. Photos leaked on the internet show that Regina battles Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer), so apparently she doesn’t lose her strength at all. What else is known about Regina’s character in Once Upon A Time?

As fans know from the Season 5 finale, Regina tried to get rid of The Evil Queen within herself once and for all. However, she failed, and the negative alter ego somehow survived. Instead of being part of Regina, The Evil Queen is a separate person, making her very dangerous. What is even worse is that she is displeased with Regina and has vowed to spread suffering, destruction, and chaos everywhere.

“Really, what it is, it’s not split personality, but it’s like two separate Reginas: The Evil Queen and the hero Regina,” Lana Parrilla told Entertainment Weekly. “So it’s gonna be really fun to play both sides in a different way than I have in the previous five seasons because I’ve always played two sides. She’s always been both, but she’s never been split.”

Executive producer Adam Horowitz recently revealed on Twitter that the title of Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 1 is “The Savior.” Previously, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) was given that title. However, last season Emma went to the dark side. Even though she is back, someone else might be the new savior when OUAT returns in a few months. Could that person be Regina Mills? Based on Parrilla teasing “hero Regina,” it seems that fans may just see that in Season 6.

However, Mr. Hyde and The Evil Queen are not the only villains in Once Upon A Time Season 6. In an interview, Lana Parrilla teased to expect several bad characters in Storybrooke.

“I think we are going to see some new villains,” Lana Parrilla told TVLine regarding OUAT Season 6. “And some old villains are going to resurface and surprise us in ways that we weren’t expecting.”

Parrilla’s statement seems to echo what executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think at the end of the finale,” Adam Horowitz told THR, “you’ll get a little bit of a taste of how we’re going to approach it — it’s both a little something old and something new.”

Fans are expecting the “something old and something new” to continue in Season 6. This is especially true considering what Parrilla said about new and returning villains. There is also the fact that several new characters will be arriving from the Land Of Untold Stories. A few of them have already been announced, such as Sinbad, Scheherezade, and Morpheus. There are also rumors that Aladdin and Jasmine might be new characters arriving in Storybrooke. As with all tales in Once Upon A Time, expect some unique and unexpected twists to old favorites.

What do you think is going to happen when Once Upon A Time returns to ABC network? Will Regina Mills be “The Savior” in Season 6 of OUAT?

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