WWE News: Cesaro Lets Loose In Interview Following Last Night's WWE Draft

Luke Norris

For quite a while now, WWE superstar Cesaro has been one of the stars of the company that just hasn't reached the top level of the company, a level that many in the WWE Universe feel that he should have reached a long time ago. Sure, Cesaro has had some success since debuting on the main roster in 2012, including a 239-day United States title reign and a run with the WWE Tag Team Championships with Tyson Kidd, but he's really never come close to being looked at as a top guy by any of the higher-ups in WWE. Many wrestling fans thought that perhaps his stature in the company might change after his victory in the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX, but that didn't really pan out either.

Not only is he way over with the fans, but many former wrestlers often bring up Cesaro's name when talking about people who haven't been given the opportunity to shine in WWE. Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin even brought up Cesaro specifically in his podcast with Vince McMahon in late 2014 on the WWE Network. Unfortunately for Cesaro, Vince said that he lacked the "it" factor needed to grab his imaginary "brass ring" and that he lacked verbal skills and charisma. Well, Cesaro's verbal skills were on full display last night.

During last night's episode of SmackDown Live, Cesaro was selected 28th overall in the WWE Draft and will now appear exclusively on Monday Night Raw, the show for which commissioner Stephanie McMahon and GM Mick Foley, who even used the word "undervalued" while picking him, made 16 other selections for before getting to the "Swiss Superman."

— Cesaro (@WWECesaro) July 20, 2016

"First of all I'm not too happy to be drafted 17th in the 6th round. I had a feeling I should be drafted a little bit higher, I was hoping to be at least top ten. Just looking at the rosters and what the GMs talked about yesterday how SmackDown is going to be the wrestling show and all about in-ring product and all about the Superstars and not necessarily about the GMs and that whole drama, I feel like I probably would have been a better fit for SmackDown. But just like in my career so far here, there's always a little stumble block or whatever that I have to overcome, so, um... I'm looking forward to being on the flagship product... trying to see the positive, being on the flagship product, WWE Raw, that's where Cesaro belongs."
"Honestly, that's part of the problem, that you just asked me that question because I don't really care. I think RAW going forward needs to be about the Superstars, it needs to be about the performers in the ring and not about how Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley co-exist. They need to be there to mediate and make the best show, but that does not need to be the focus. So, the focus should be on the Superstar who got drafted. We have Seth Rollins, we have New Day, we have Finn Bálor coming up from NXT - those are the people we should be here talking about. But we're talking about Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley which is annoying to me."
"A lot of people talk, it's always a lot of talking and you haven't heard me talk that much. This is actually great. I can be even able to talk and people can see I can actually speak, you know? My brain can form thoughts that come out through my mouth. The problem is sometimes I stumble the words because I speak five different languages, we know all that, so the thing is I like to speak the language that everybody speaks all around the world, that the WWE Universe loves... that's the language of wrestling that I do in the ring. That's what I do best. That's why I always deliver. Cesaro on RAW."