Backstage News on Why Bayley Wasn’t Drafted Last Night During the WWE Draft

The WWE Draft has left a lot of people disappointed. Many within the WWE Universe feel SmackDown was “buried” by Raw during the WWE Draft because of the three picks to two rule and WWE’s obvious favoritism for making Raw the “A Show.” A lot of people are complaining that SmackDown just can’t compete, which is understandable after looking at the results of last night.

The fact is Raw’s roster is better than SmackDown’s. Raw has a stronger list of top stars, a better tag team division, there will be an established Cruiserweight division, and Raw’s Women’s division is much stronger than SmackDown’s roster. No offense to any women drafted to SmackDown, but Raw has the WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Paige, and Nia Jax from NXT as the top stars for the brand. SmackDown’s Women’s division is solid, but it can’t compete with those four on Raw.

Many people thought Nia Jax would be drafted to SmackDown, and one of the biggest disappointments of the night was to see Bayley go undrafted by both Raw and SmackDown. She has been waiting for her WWE main roster debut since last year, when Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch debuted on WWE television just over a year ago.

Bayley had a great run as the NXT Women’s Champion before she put over Asuka in April, assuming it was her time to be called up next. Now, it’s July. The WWE Draft has gone by, too, and a lot of WWE fans want to know why Bayley still isn’t on WWE’s main roster.

Sasha Banks Could Partner With Bayley at Battleground
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According to a rumor from, it’s possible that Bayley wasn’t drafted to WWE’s main roster because WWE is still planning for Bayley to be revealed as Sasha Banks’ mystery partner for her tag team match against Dana Brooke and Charlotte at WWE Battleground.

A few days ago, The Boss denied the rumors that Bayley would be debuting at WWE Battleground as her partner, but what else is she going to do when that question is asked? Sasha Banks is not going to spoil Bayley’s debut for her or the WWE Universe less than a week away from the PPV. If anything, she’ll deny the rumors to keep the mystery alive for the match.

However, there is a real possibility that Bayley won’t be her partner for WWE Battleground because the Women’s division of Monday Night Raw is very strong as it is and Nia Jax has already been brought to Raw from NXT. If Bayley is going to go to the main roster, she should be brought to SmackDown because she has a much better chance of establishing herself as a top face.

Bayley Has Fun With the NXT Fans
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It’s possible that WWE officials just don’t feel comfortable bringing Bayley to WWE’s main roster on Raw or SmackDown because she is so cemented in NXT as a top face with no one to replace her. During last night’s WWE Draft, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Nia Jax were all called up to the main roster.

Bliss and Jax were both heels in NXT, so their transition to the main roster is understandable, but Carmella wasn’t as strong a face as Bayley. Carmella leaving NXT doesn’t have the same impact as Bayley finally leaving the brand. WWE just may not feel that Asuka is enough to carry the Women’s division in NXT.

If Bayley doesn’t debut at WWE Battleground, she’ll likely stay in NXT for a little while longer until WWE officials can figure out a way to replace her. Bayley still has the potential to be a superstar for WWE, but she has lost a lot of momentum over the past few months, and she’s been ready for a main roster push for over a year. It made sense for WWE to keep her down in NXT to keep the brand going, but it could be too late for Bayley if something isn’t done soon for her. The WWE Universe is waiting too.

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