WWE Rumors: WWE Could Form ‘Balor Club’ On ‘Monday Night Raw’

After months of speculation, the WWE Draft is finally over. It was an event that will split the WWE Universe’s opinion based on the roster drafted by Monday Night Raw and the roster drafted by SmackDown. Based on the results of the WWE Draft that can be seen on WWE.com, the WWE Draft wasn’t the only thing that was split last night.

Early in the WWE Draft, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan selected AJ Styles for SmackDown. That was rumored for months, so it wasn’t a big surprise. However, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley responded by selecting Finn Balor as the first NXT draft pick. For a few rounds, there were some questions about where Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows would be drafted.

During the fifth round of the WWE Draft, Anderson and Gallows were selected to join Monday Night Raw. This means that at WWE Battleground, The Club will wrestle one more match together as a unit against the team of John Cena, Enzo Amore, and Big Cass. After WWE Battleground, many people are wondering what the plan is for Anderson, Gallows, and Finn Balor.

The Club is Broken Up By the WWE Draft
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What made The Club so interesting was the potential main roster debut of Balor created speculation about the future of the stable. When Anderson and Gallows debuted on Monday Night Raw a few months ago, WWE acknowledged AJ Styles’ history with them from New Japan Pro Wrestling as part of The Bullet Club. It was unique to see the trio on WWE programming.

Now, Finn Balor has been drafted to Monday Night Raw along with Anderson and Gallows while Styles is on SmackDown. If WWE acknowledged the history Styles had with the latter pair there is no reason to think WWE wouldn’t do the same with Finn Balor. The difference is that there was always speculation about Finn Balor’s debut on WWE television because of that history.

WWE splitting AJ Styles from Anderson and Gallows will help establish Styles on his own against John Cena. That will allow Cena vs. Styles to become a fair match-up, which will most likely culminate at SummerSlam next month. In the long run, this will be a good thing for AJ Styles, but there is a lot of speculation about what WWE creative has planned for Finn Balor.

Finn Balor Embraces the Demon
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WWE bringing Finn Balor to Raw was the easy decision. Now, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have split from AJ Styles and are on the same brand as their original leader. The signs are clearly showing that WWE creative will be forming The Balor Club sooner rather than later. It may not be called The Balor Club, but there will be some kind of trio between the three men.

However, WWE may also want to allow Finn Balor to establish himself on Raw as a top face to make a potential heel turn more meaningful. For Anderson and Gallows, WWE may also want them to establish themselves as a top tag team on Raw without a leader to back up. If WWE takes the time to develop all three superstars as great talents, their group could dominate Raw.

The deciding factor may be Finn Balor’s popularity coming from NXT. Based on previous WWE superstars that have debuted from NXT, he’s going to be very well known. After next month’s SummerSlam and the debut of “His Demon,” he’s going to be a top guy in the eyes of WWE fans who didn’t know him from NXT. Then again, WWE could use that to their advantage to turn Balor against the WWE Universe, who wanted him to be the next face of Monday Night Raw.

On paper, WWE wouldn’t have split up The Club if there wasn’t a plan to reestablish Anderson and Gallows on Raw and AJ Styles on SmackDown. The only question is if Finn Balor will catapult from his NXT run onto Raw or if he will be showing the WWE Universe a new side to him now that he has finally reached the echelon of WWE programming.

[Image via WWE.com]