‘Pokémon GO’: Top Three Accessories For Gamers

The Pokémon GO craze doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Millions of people around the world are signing on every single day to catch Pokémon. Niantic isn’t making it any easier for gamers to catch them all. Anyone who wants to attempt this task has to be dedicated, patient, and willing to do a whole lot of traveling. However, there are some accessories that can make a gamers’ life easier. Here are the top three accessories gamers should use while playing Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Plus

Pokémon GO requires you to constantly look at your phone to see if Pokémon appear while traveling. They could appear at any turn or second. Niantic and The Pokémon Company obviously figured this would be very frustrating at some point, so they created Pokémon Go Plus. This add-on to the game is simply a wrist band connected to a device that is shaped like a Pokéball. According to Pokémon GO’s website, the device will light up whenever there is a Pokéstop or new Pokémon is nearby.

Pokémon GO Plus uses Bluetooth technology that connects to your iPhone or Android device. Using this device will allow gamers to save battery life on their phones and avoid spending hours glaring at a screen. This makes the game much easier and less tedious to play. Pokémon GO Plus isn’t for sale yet but is available for pre-order.

Pokédex Battery Phone Case

The Pokémon experience has just gotten even more real. Niantic introduced real Pokémon to the world and a Sparkfun user created a real Pokédex. The user, named “Npoole,” created the Pokédex by using a 3D printer. He also placed a phone charging battery inside. He listed step by step instructions on Sparkfun so the device is available to all fans. Inside the charging Pokédex (where the screen is supposed to be in the original cartoon), there is a space where a phone can fit. The phone acts as the “screen” of the Pokédex.


The Pokédex has a cover that can open and close, very similar to what would appear to be the real life re-creation of one. Creating one of these wonderful devices would make a gamers’ Pokémon experience just a little more real. This device is essential for any hardcore Pokémon fan and it can help not kill a phone’s battery life. Pokémon GO happens to use more battery life than most apps do. Combining the charging Pokédex with Pokémon GO Plus is a sure fire way to maximize battery life and playing time.

Redux Phone Dryer

As previously stated, Pokémon GO requires gamers to travel. Gamers have to visit different terrains to catch specific Pokémon. That includes going to the beach, pond, lake, or even pool. There is a strong chance that someone is bound to break their phone in various different ways by playing Pokémon.

One of the more common ways to break a phone is by dropping it in water, especially if you’re searching for water Pokémon. Most phone warranties don’t cover water damage. Phone companies usually give customers the option to buy a new phone. Instead of throwing more money away playing Pokémon GO, there is an easier way to repair a phone with water damage. The Redux phone dryer is a new form of technology that automatically can fix a phone that has water damage. By visiting Redux.com, you can locate the nearest machine.

The personnel at Redux place your phone in the “Redux” machine. The machine eliminates the moisture trapped inside the phone. The chamber inside the machine evaporates the water inside by raising the temperature to a certain degree. The electronics in the phone are not harmed by the temperature or water.

All of these devices can make anyone’s Pokémon GO gaming experience better and safer!

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]