'American Horror Story' Season 6: What Do We Know?

Something strange is going on with American Horror Story Season 6. Many fans expected to find out the title and cast members by now, but the season has been kept completely under wraps so far. What exactly do we know about the upcoming season and what can we work out?

The good news is there is a premiere date for American Horror Story Season 6, and it is earlier than normal. In fact, it is going to air a whole month earlier than normal, with September 14 confirmed as the new date. With that in mind, surely fans should know more about the upcoming season, especially a setting.

By this time last year, American Horror Story Season 5 had been confirmed with the setting of the hotel and the main cast members. Right now, only a handful of cast members are confirmed, including Lady Gaga, Angela Bassett and Matt Bomer. Sarah Paulson is expected, but not quite as officially confirmed as fans would want. Fans would like to see her as she and confirmed actor Evan Peters are the only two who have been in every season of AHS so far.There are rumors that Kathy Bates isn't going to return to American Horror Story this year. She said that she will take on a full-time cast role on another show, and it is possible that it wouldn't have left space in her schedule to come back to this. However, GameNGuide suggests that a different Bates will come into the show. It is possible that Bates Motel actress Vera Farmiga will take up a spot on the show. She is best known for her roles in The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2.

The cast for this season is going to be much smaller than any previous season of American Horror Story, as the Inquisitr previously reported. This will be one of the reasons why so little information about the recent season has been shared. There are fewer people who actually know the ins and outs to ask.

Some of the details known about American Horror Story Season 6 are behind-the-scenes one. Ryan Murphy has confirmed that he has taken on two new directors, both female. One of those is actress Bassett, but Jennifer Lynch has also been confirmed for at least one episode. Bringing Lynch on has helped with locations. There will be more remote locations, including woodlands, if her social media is anything to judge. Is it possible that AHS Season 6 will be set in a cabin in the woods at all? It's one horror setting that the show has avoided so far.

There have been suggestions that there will be two seasons in a year this time. That would suit the earlier premiere date for Season 6. Is it possible that American Horror Story Season 7 will air sometime around the late winter or early spring?

The two seasons idea came from John Landgraf, FX president, saying that the show was working with two storylines at the same time. This was something that had never happened in the show's history -- all settings in the past or present were connected to the main storyline in some way. With a smaller cast, having two storylines would be difficult. It could be that another smaller cast will be put together for later in the year.

While many other shows suffer from leaks, AHS is one that has kept many of its details for Season 6 kept quiet. Many people don't know why, but it has made fans arguably much more excited about the new season than ever before. This is especially the case when it comes to the sharing of strange symbols for American Horror Story Season 6. Just what does that 6 and "?" blend really mean?

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]