WWE News: Update On Major WWE NXT Stars Possibly Being Drafted To ‘RAW’ Or ‘SmackDown’ Tonight

Over the weekend, WWE made their plans for the WWE Draft known. The rules were in place, and it really helped fans understand how things would go down. With the introduction of the Cruiserweight Division on WWE RAW last night, it makes the WWE Draft very interesting. One thing that trumps all of this may be the fact that WWE is allowing six WWE NXT stars to be drafted. Of course, it is obvious who they will draft, or, is it?

Clearly, Captain Tease himself, Finn Balor, has been playing all of this up and put his picture on social media to make us wonder where he might end up. He is supposedly already backstage for tonight’s WWE Draft. Therefore, he will most likely be drafted. His tease this time around seems to be the real thing, which we can only know because of the draft including NXT stars for the first time.

Another rumored NXT draftee is Peyton Royce, who put a picture out exactly like Finn Balor did. On top of her, we can expect WWE to include Bayley, Samoa Joe, and American Alpha. It is rumored Austin Aries very well could be drafted tonight, as well as Nia Jax. It is unclear if WWE will want to completely gut NXT to help the main rosters, but at one point, as many as twelve people were supposedly set to be called up by the WWE Draft.

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If this were to occur, NXT would lose a lot. With WWE also bringing back the cruiserweight division, this adds another problem for WWE NXT. Most assumed that WWE would sign the likes of Zack Sabre, Jr. and Kota Ibushi, which would allow them to take the place of NXT stars being called up soon. Now with the division returning, these men may skip NXT altogether and hit the main roster.

No one is claiming that the men in this tournament are not worthy of being added to the main roster immediately, as most are certainly worthy. The problem comes down to the fact that NXT is losing so much, and the main roster is getting everything. While NXT is technically the farm system for WWE’s main roster, NXT is a brand in its own right. Therefore, gutting it would hurt the great brand that NXT has become.

It does make sense for WWE to take members of the NXT roster and use them on the main roster, especially when so many are more than ready to shine in a WWE ring. The issue comes down to the fact that WWE would destroy a product that the fans love in favor of the brand split. While most in WWE may not care about this, others who love NXT may care a great deal. It is said that due to the losses, WWE, and Triple H in particular, are signing a lot of people to help rebuild NXT.

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Some major names are not available until 2017, so they will have to wait for a bit to get them. However, others are available on the independent scene right now and very well could get a shot from WWE simply because they will be desperate to sign top talent with the loss of so many from NXT. Theoretically, they have a lot of people in the current tournament with name value. While NXT would get smaller for a time, it may only be because of being forced to do so.

Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura may be the top men on the roster after the WWE Draft, as long as one or both do not get drafted tonight. NXT will be okay at the top, but the filler may need work. This could mean pushes for the newer talent or vets like Tye Dillinger.

There is a roster shakeup coming tonight, but fans still need to stay tuned to NXT. Even with the expected mass exodus of so many stars, there are sure to be some interesting surprises be on the horizon for the highly popular NXT brand.

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