‘The Bachelorette’ 2016: Robby Hayes Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out To Reality Steve

Robby Hayes is falling in love with JoJo Fletcher, but there is also some talk about his past relationship. Last night on The Bachelorette, his mom shared that some information was coming out about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Hope. These two didn’t work out, but Robby’s side of the story is that they got into a huge fight, she slapped him and they haven’t talked since then. Now, Robby’s ex, Hope, is supposed to be sharing her side of the story, and Reality Steve was able to get in touch with her to share on his blog.

Robby says that he didn’t break up with Hope to be on the show, even though she doesn’t seem to feel like that is true at all. These two spent time together on Christmas Day and there is a picture of them together. Robby and Hope were actually together on New Year’s Eve as well. Hope had agreed to talk to Reality Steve about her side of the story, but instead she sent him an e-mail that didn’t give the details fans were hoping for from her.

“Hi Steve,

“Unfortunately, I will not be able to follow through with the interview you requested. It has been brought to my attention by the opposing party that any further actions on my part, will result in negative consequences. Many people (including myself) have been deeply hurt by the situation, and I do not want to add to, or prolong the negativity. I never signed up for my previous relationship to be advertised to the world, nor did I sign up to have America judging my past as well as my future. With that being said, only Robby and I know the words spoken and events, leading up to our break up toward the end of January. I do apologize for the inconvenience. I hope that you can respect my wishes to move on, and leave that part of my past where it should be… in the past.

“Best wishes & thanks again,


It is pretty obvious that Hope was willing to talk to Reality Steve about her relationship with Robby Hayes, but Robby or his family told her she better not do it. This probably happened after Steve shared that he had been in contact with her. Steve is respecting her wishes, though.

Last night on the show, Robby Hayes’ mom said that Hope’s roommate, Alex, was the one speaking out. Reality Steve wanted to make it very clear that he never spoke to her at all. Alex even sent a message to Steve that said, “Thanks Steve, I appreciate the tweet from last night. I never spoke to anyone ever, and people need to remember there’s always a receiving end to hurtful untrue statements. Alex.”

For now, Robby Hayes’ ex isn’t going to speak out, but you never know if she will change her mind in the future. Robby shared his side of the story and her story is obviously different. Everyone is going to have to just decide their own thoughts on this story.

People also shared that Robby Hayes is really upset about the accusations coming out against him right now about the show. On the show last night, Robby shared that he was falling for JoJo and didn’t want her to think he was there for the wrong reasons.

“It just sucks so much because I’m in love with JoJo, and she brought it up today. I’ve worked hard and been honest with her to let her know that that is such a part of my past that it’s never going to come up again, and if that’s going to be the chink in the armor that doesn’t make this work, I’m going to be devastated.”

Are you shocked to hear that Robby Hayes’ ex isn’t ready to share her side of the story? Do you think that Robby is telling the truth? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Mondays on ABC.

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