Vicki Gunvalson Blasts Shannon Beador For Comments On Briana’s Move Home, Says Briana Wants To Keep Health Private

Vicki Gunvalson did not like hearing what her co-star and former friend Shannon Beador had to say about Briana Culberson’s move back home to Orange County. In her Bravo blog post recapping the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, posted on Tuesday, Vicki criticized Shannon for commenting on Briana and her husband’s move back home from Oklahoma. Vicki in particular did not like Shannon’s comment that Briana’s move back to Orange County came with “strings attached.”

Vicki wrote that Shannon’s comments about Briana’s move shocked her. According to Vicki, Shannon shouldn’t even have commented on Briana and Ryan’s decision to move back to Orange County since she doesn’t know anything about it. As for Shannon’s comment, made during the episode, that the move came with “strings attached,” implying that Briana and Ryan will now have to give in to Vicki’s demands and desires, Vicki said that they are just a family who are doing what they can to help one another. Vicki asked whether Shannon, if in her shoes, wouldn’t do the same thing. Vicki added that she cringes whenever she hears Shannon weighing in on something she knows nothing about.

“Wow, I’m in shock watching tonight’s episode on how Shannon weighs in on my daughter moving back to Orange County. She hadn’t spoken to me in many months when this aired, so how dare her comment anything about Briana and Ryan’s decision to move back to CA. What does she know? Nothing!! What is she talking about ‘strings attached’? We are a family and we do whatever we can to help one another out. Let’s see how she handles things if one of her daughters moves away, and is extremely sick. Let’s see if her and David assist her and her husband moving to be closer to her and to get better quality healthcare. Every time I hear Shannon weigh in on something that has nothing to do with her, it makes me cringe.”

In her blog, Vicki Gunvalson explained exactly why Briana Culberson and her two young sons moved into her home in Orange County without Ryan. On last week’s episode, viewers saw Vicki and Briana drive from Oklahoma to Southern California with the two boys in the back of the SUV. Ryan stayed behind due to his military job. Vicki explained that Briana and Ryan made the decision for her and the boys to move first so that she could get help with the kids, get medical help for her illness, get their new home ready for everyone, and to enroll the kids in preschool. Briana and the kids have been staying with Vicki until their new home is ready.

“To give you more information about my daughter moving back to CA, Briana and Ryan discussed her moving back before he was released, to get closer to me so I could help her out with the kids and also to be closer to her doctors. They wanted to do this prior to his retirement release date so she could get their new home ready and to enroll the boys in pre-school.”

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Vicki also clarified that they did the 19-hour drive because doctors didn’t want Briana to fly, and that Briana wanted to drive because she gets sick as a passenger. As reported by the Inquisitr last week in response to criticism that she had Briana drive the entire way home, Vicki revealed that they actually switched driving duties every few hours.

As for how Briana is doing now, Vicki revealed that Briana wants to keep her health as private as possible so she won’t be disclosing everything. Vicki did share, however, that Briana is getting better medical treatment in Orange County than she was was before. Vicki also revealed that Briana and Ryan’s new home is almost ready for them to move into, and that Ryan is just waiting for his release date from the military.

On Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki drove home from work after Briana called her and said that she couldn’t breathe. In the car on the way to the hospital, Vicki realized that Briana needed medical attention right away, so she pulled over at a gas station and called 911. The ambulance came and transported Briana to the hospital. Coincidentally, Tamra Judge’s son’s fiancée, Sarah Rodriguez, happened to pull into the gas station when Briana and Vicki were there. Sarah helped watch Vicki’s two grandsons while she went to see Briana at the hospital. Tamra arrived to Vicki’s house to help Sarah and cried about Briana’s emergency. It was explained later on that Briana’s lymph nodes were so enlarged that they were pushing on her lungs and that had an infection.

Later, Tamra met up with Shannon Beador and told her all that happened. Shannon, who earlier refused Vicki’s apology regarding what happened with Brooks Ayers because Vicki didn’t admit that she knew that Brooks was faking having cancer, made some critical comments. She blamed Vicki for moving Briana across the country when ill. Shannon implied that Briana had to make the move because the house that Vicki, who can’t be alone, brought for her and Ryan in Orange County has “strings attached.” Shannon also suggested that Vicki was making Briana’s illness worse by separating her from her husband. As Tamra stayed silent, Shannon continued to criticize how Vicki was dealing with Briana’s health.

Yet Shannon Beador, remembering that Vicki Gunvalson stood by her when she was excluded last season and finding some sympathy for Vicki considering all that she’s going through with Briana, did decide to invite Vicki to her 70s themed party. A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County shows that viewers will see plenty of drama at the party, not only between Shannon and Vicki but between Shannon’s husband, David Beador, and Vicki.

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