‘Ice Road Truckers’ Returns With Even More Danger And Drama

Ice Road Truckers on History posted to their Facebook page a preview clip as the series returns for what is being described as the most dangerous season ever, calling it IRT X. For the tenth season, the truckers will once again find themselves battling the weather, the roads, and each other as they fight for every load they can get their hands on.

Todd Dewey, one of the Ice Road Truckers, posted to his Facebook page, “Who’s ready for some NEW IRT!!!! Here’s what we have been waiting for guys. Put your seat belt on, and hold on. Gonna be one heck of a ride.”

Each season of Ice Road Truckers has its own unique challenges and dangers, but it sounds as though this popular hit series will kick it up a notch for the new season. Last season, Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly teamed up and formed their own company together, and perhaps they’ll have a name for their fledgling business this season, if they are still working together. These two were definitely the powerhouse team to beat last season, especially since Hugh Rowland and his company, VP Express, was completely out of the picture.

Although there are no current updates from History on the new season, it is fairly safe to assume that Polar Industries, with boss Mark Kohaykewych at the helm, will be returning as well. Since first appearing on Ice Road Truckers, according to the Polar Industries Ltd. website, the company has achieved the highest ranking possible for the transport and logistics industry. Last season was their fifth year to be featured on Ice Road Truckers, and it has definitely paid off.

“We are honored to be part of this show for a fifth year making it Season 9. We are striving hard to make Polar Industries a household name when it comes to moving freight in Canada’s North,” Mark said in regard to last season.

If they are still a part of Ice Road Truckers, they will definitely be giving the other drivers a run for their money. Previously, Alex Debogorski, Todd Dewey, and Art Burke worked for Polar and added a new trucker, Mike Simmons. Although he is an experienced heavy hauler like the other drivers, Mike is new to ice road trucking. He also owns Bad Apple Escorts, Inc., which is a pilot truck service based in Edmonton, Alberta. Mark was counting on him to help keep the loads moving last season, and Mike may be returning as part of the Polar crew.

Last season, the warmer than normal temperatures quickly turned the already rough roads treacherous, wreaking havoc on trucks and drivers alike. When the ice roads began to melt faster than ever, getting the loads out safely became a serious issue. Several times, the truckers had to decide whether the ice roads were safe enough to venture onto. The preview clip suggests that they will have the same problems with slushy and melting ice again this season.

Breaking through the ice is a frightening and dangerous experience, as Art Burke and Lisa Kelly can attest to. Lisa has proven many times that she is just as tough as the ice she drives across, and she doesn’t let anything stop her from safely delivering each load, no matter how remote the location. Since the new season is supposed to be the most intense yet, hopefully all the drivers will come through the new season safely, despite gambling with their lives every time they cross a melting ice road.

Are you a fan of Ice Road Truckers? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The tenth season of Ice Road Truckers: IRT X, begins on Thursday, August 4 at 10 p.m. ET on the History channel.

[Image via RenewCancelTV/Twitter]