‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke And Ridge Connect, Zende Surprises Nicole, And Julius Woos Vivienne

What is coming up during Tuesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers share that there is more on the way with Zende and Nicole, and everybody will see Brooke and Ridge lean on one another, as well. Both Brooke and Ridge have been dealing with intense family issues over the course of the past few months, and the July 19 show will bring about more talk regarding these relationship issues.

As fans saw on Monday’s show, Nicole and Zende discussed their blossoming romance, as well as the Sasha obstacle they recently worked through. Nicole urged Zende to reclaim the opportunity to photograph the lingerie line despite Sasha’s involvement, and he told her that he was planning something special for the two of them.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via We Love Soaps detail that he will send her a special gift, and based on the previews for Tuesday’s show, it looks as if he perhaps picks out a fancy dress for her to wear during their upcoming evening out. Vivienne and Julius are on hand as Nicole checks out the garment, and everybody seems stunned by it.

Viewers will have to tune in to see just what Zende has put together for this special evening out, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that during Wednesday’s show, the two will take their relationship to the next level and according to Soap Central, the two will finally make love.

Ridge came clean to his family and the key people at Forrester Creations about Thomas being Douglas’ true biological father, and Brooke has been busted for her affair with Bill behind Katie’s back. The two have been spending more time together of late as they both muddle through these family crises, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that they will be together again during the next episode.

Brooke and Ridge will discuss their current challenges, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that she will share that she told Bill in no uncertain terms that they had no chance at having an ongoing romance. He will point out what kind of man Bill is, noting that he took Will away from Katie, but some viewers might find his outrage a bit misplaced considering all that transpired with Douglas and Thomas.

Will Brooke really manage to stay away from Bill? Katie told her sister that their relationship was over due to the affair, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that there is more on the way with these two this week. Despite the animosity, Brooke will be doing something helpful for Katie later in the week, but it doesn’t sound as if that leads to a reconciliation between the two sisters. There is more drama involving Bill and Will as the week continues as well.

Fans have not seen much of Julius and Vivienne lately, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that they will be reflecting a bit on their own relationship during this next episode as well. Vivienne felt incredibly betrayed by Julius when she learned the truth about Sasha, but she agreed to try to forgive her husband and repair their marriage. From the looks of the previews, this is still a work in progress, and he is doing everything he can to remind her of the love they share.

Could Brooke and Ridge be headed toward a reunion with one another in the midst of their respective family dramas? Will Nicole and Zende be able to stay strong as a couple going forward, despite his involvement with Sasha on the work front? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at more chaos ahead, and fans will be curious to see what comes next.

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