NES Classic Mini: What Can Nintendo Do To Sweeten The Deal Even More By November?

Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini is taking the gaming world like a storm just as its 30-year-old predecessor did, and Microsoft and Sony could actually be challenged this time. As the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Neo approach this year, Nintendo is going “old school” and racking up the pre-order sales on Amazon in Europe and the U.K..

As North America waits for their official listing to appear on online merchandiser sites, there are a few things Nintendo could do to make the NES Classic Mini pre-orders even more worth it.

Some of the games on the included list were made so much more fun when we were given the opportunity to use a rapid-fire controller. Super C and Gradius are the biggest games begging for the chance to dominate using the option of holding down the button to fire continuously. While Mad Katz isn’t exactly the best quality controller manufacturer, the ones which worked well made the originals feel antiquated. Yes, this is 30-year-old technology, but some of us might want a little something more.

We still don’t know if that thing on the face of Nintendo’s Classic Mini console can actually be opened. If it can, perhaps they could add an SD card port to add more titles to the console? Nintendo knows how to avoid piracy of its games, and the console could have special code requiring proper formatting to add titles that way. Many older gamers still have cartridges for the original NES, and a special adapter could be plugged into the cartridge to access the port.

'Super C' on Nintendo's NES Classic Mini could be better with a rapid-fire option
Super C on Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini could be better with a rapid-fire option [Image via Konami]
Some games were unauthorized back then, but still playable, as well. These included Gauntlet and Tetris, the latter of which ended up being an included launch title for the Game Boy.

On that subject, Game Boy also had its share of great titles like Final Fantasy Adventure and the original Pokémon. An adapter to play those games in color would also be welcomed. An SD card port where the cartridges used to go would work, since older Nintendo titles were actually rather small in digital size.

Going back to the subject of controllers, Nintendo might also consider adding some peripherals for the NES Classic Mini like the classic light gun (for Duck Hunt) and the four player adapter (for Super Spike V-Ball). Admittedly, some peripherals didn’t work so well and bombed shortly after they were released. The Power Glove and the U-Force both attempted to change the way we play video games, and both turned out to be a chunk of money only the Angry Video Game Nerd could be proud to spend.

In the future, Nintendo could follow up the NES Classic Mini by releasing a similar console for Super NES titles. For many, it was one of the best consoles ever made, because it had some of the best games ever made. Super Mario World alone was so packed with secrets and puzzles that gamers spent hours just figuring everything out. That console also brought us Mario Kart, a franchise which rivals Need for Speed, Forza, and Gran Turismo to this day.

The NES Classic Mini is already proving to be a huge hit in 2016, possibly rivaling the current-gen consoles for units sold this year. A few extra options could make it even sweeter if Nintendo feels the need for them.

If not, we still eagerly await the NES Classic Mini for our nostalgic classic fix.

[Image via Nintendo]