'Suits' News: Louis Litt Actor Rick Hoffman Has Meltdown At Nightclub

Rick Hoffman is known for playing the role of Louis Litt on Suits. On July 9, outside a Toronto, Canada, lounge called 70 Down Rick was seen having a total meltdown and yelling at people. Radar Online shared a video of Rick Hoffman and what went down on this night. Rick was taken out of the club by a bouncer after the way he was acting.

A source shared how things went down, and Rick Hoffman was a bit intoxicated. The source said, "People were jeering him. The bouncers were pulling him by the arms and pushing against his chest to get him out. He wanted to fight and wanted to hurt people. And the bouncer was doing his best to calm him down and tell him to go home and relax, and Hoffman was really unhinged. He had a lot of anger … and hate." This Suits actor was obviously really unhappy.

The owner of the club even spoke out about it. Alex Saddiqui, the owner of 70 Down, shared saying "He had one too many and he tried to pick up a few women with the line, 'I'm Rick Hoffman from Suits,' He was there early from 8 p.m. and he came in a very good guy and a gentleman and after a few … The incident didn't take place until 1 or 1:30 in the morning. I was behind the bar when it happened."

The owner went on to explain that Rick Hoffman, who plays Louis Litt, tried to pick up women, but it didn't go as planned for him. He was telling the women that he was Louis Litt on Suits, but they didn't care at all. It wasn't helping him to pick them up the way he thought. Hoffman even threatened the bouncer who took him out. They actually film Suits in Toronto, so this is probably why he was there and ended up at this club.

In the video clip, Hoffman is seen trying to get them to bring the bouncer out that kicked him out of the club. He is yelling saying, "Get him out here! And I'll go to jail. Just get him out here. I want to nail that motherf****r! Get him out!" He even goes on to try to link the guy to some murders that went down in Toronto and have not been solved at this time. He said, "That's the guy that kills people around … That's the guy! You're working with him right now. And he looks at you with dead eyes." Hoffman did end up leaving the club without going to jail, luckily. It could have been a lot worse for him.

Design & Trend shared all about Rick Hoffman and a few details that people don't know about him yet. He used to wait tables before starting his acting career. He didn't love this job and shared saying, "Waking up at four in the morning to make bagels was pretty rough; that and working for many assholes in the restaurant business -- [were] very, very demeaning. I was fired from nine waiting jobs. I think the biggest offense I had caused was I didn't have my pocket buttoned on my shirt. That's the kind of mentality we're talking about." He is a dad and is also allergic to cats. One day, Rick Hoffman hopes to get to work with Kevin Kline.

Are you shocked to hear about the way that Rick Hoffman acted at the club? Do you think that he normally acts that way? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of Suits on Wednesday nights on USA. The new season just started.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]