Taylor Swift Backlash Turns Tom Hiddleston Into Teased Twitter Target

Tom Hiddleston’s reasons for romancing Taylor Swift aren’t known. But whatever Hiddleston envisioned for his future with the singer, it probably did not include finding himself the target of Internet trolls. However, that’s precisely what has happened as the backlash against Swift has spilled over onto Tom, noted the Daily Mail.

Caught in the feud between Taylor and the combination of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (collectively known as Kimye), Hiddleston has sought to stay silent. But his dignity is being torn to shreds as haters are alternating between making fun of Tom and bashing him for his relationship with Taylor, with many predicting the romance will quickly go sour.

Twitter continues to explode with different views on the battle of words among Kardashian, West, and Swift, and it’s only gotten more heated since Kim leaked a phone call documenting Kanye informing Swift about his plot to mention her in his “Famous” lyrics.

Now, that heat is burning Hiddleston, and even his girlfriend’s squad members can’t save him from getting bashed by members of Team Kimye. Some tweeted their pity for Tom, but they couldn’t resist mocking him in the process.

“I like Tom Hiddleston a lot but right now he’s basically a small flightless bird someone accidentally brought to a gang fight [sic],” posted Brian Phillips.

Among those feeling sorry for Hiddleston, many pointed out that he never signed up to be bashed in a Swift backlash.

Tom Hiddleston attempts to loosen his collar, but can he extract himself from the war on Taylor Swift?
Tom Hiddleston attempts to loosen his collar, but can he extract himself from the war on Taylor Swift? [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

“Tom Hiddleston absolutely did not sign up for this. It’s like he’s dating a long-retired hitman whose past has caught up with them,” joked one user.

Others noted that he had done nothing wrong except for making the mistake of dating Taylor at the wrong time.

“Tom Hiddleston literally doesn’t deserve this. All he wants to do is read shakespeare and help children in emergencies save tom hiddleston [sic].”

And while the hashtag #KimExposedTaylorParty went viral, some attempted to form a team to protect Tom.

“All I can think about is PROTECT TOM HIDDLESTON AT ALL COSTS #KimExposedTaylorParty [sic],” urged one fan of Hiddleston.

As celebrities took sides on Twitter as well, Tom’s pal and Thor co-star Chris Hemsworth spoke up to defend Hiddleston and his girlfriend.

“I haven’t met her personally, but she’s obviously hugely talented. As I said, I haven’t met her,” admitted Chris. “I’ve seen Tom around. He looks happy, mate. Yeah!”

As to whether Hemsworth would request an autograph from Taylor, he joked that he would beg for a song instead.

Taylor Swift is in the midst of a feud that's spilling over onto her boyfriend.
Taylor Swift is in the midst of a feud that's spilling over onto her boyfriend. [Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

“No, I’ll just ask her to sing a song,” commented Chris. “Hand her the guitar in between sit-ups for the cameras and I’ll be like, ‘Off you go.’ A couple tunes would be nice.'”

While Hemsworth refrained from offering any remarks on the Twitter backlash, and Tom continued to hold to his dignified silence, some Twitter users attempted to predict what might happen to Hiddleston and Swift as a couple (also known as Hiddleswift). And the predictions about Tom were hilarious, noted Cosmopolitan.

“If Tom Hiddleston gets asked about any of this he will SHATTER the befuddled British stammering record currently held by Hugh Grant,” predicted Patrick Monahan.

One user envisioned Hiddleston trying to figure out how to turn the tide on the negative publicity by proposing.

“I feel like right now Tom Hiddleston is going, ‘Oh cr*p, do I have to propose just to win back the news cycle?'”

But many seemed to truly pity Tom for getting caught in the midst of the epic Twitter battle. Others recalled the theory that Hiddleston had decided to date Swift in order to boost his chances of becoming James Bond, pointing out that if that had been the plan, the war against his girlfriend just blew up the odds.

“Tom Hiddleston sobbing on the phone to his publicist right now like ‘I just wanted to be James Bond. You never said it would be like this,'” joked one Twitter user.

[Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI]