UFC 200: PPV Buys, Jon Jones Clomiphene Bust, Anderson Silva’s Big Payday For Fighting Daniel Cormier

The cursed UFC 200 event ended up being a success with its pay-per-view (PPV) estimates and huge $10.7 million gate – the biggest for an MMA event in the United States.

Jon Jones loss is Anderson Silva’s gain. “Bones” Jones, whom most MMA analysts consider the greatest MMA fighter in history, was pulled from the UFC 200 card after he tested positive for hydroxy-clomiphene, an estrogen blocker.

Clomiphene or Clomifene is commonly used as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Jon Jones believed he took a tainted supplement and blames his own ignorance for the failed test.

The cursed UFC 200 card started with Conor McGregor being pulled out for refusing to perform his promotional duties, then Jon Jones tested positive two days before the event, and Brock Lesnar tested positive after the UFC 200 event.

Despite these changes, the PPV estimates suggest UFC 200 did very well – probably due to Brock Lesnar remaining on the card and fan favorite Anderson Silva stepping in.

Anderson Silva was handsomely rewarded for his efforts against Daniel Cormier. Silva disclosed payout is $600,000, and he is reported to have received PPV points as well. Forbes reports that, based on PPV estimates, Silva could have earned about $4 million for taking on Daniel Cormier in the three round bout:

“Globo, the same outlet that broke the news of Silva stepping in for Jones, reports that ‘The Spider’ made $3 per pay-per-view buy, which brings his total paycheck to $3.9-$4.1 million going off Dave Meltzer’s early PPV estimates and his publicly disclosed $600,000 purse. Not bad for two days’ work, as Silva stepped in with literally 48 hours to prep.”

The total payout could be much more if the PPV final estimates are higher. On the other hand, there’s Jon Jones, who was supposed to headline UFC 200. MMA Fighting reports that he has missed out on an eight-figure payday, according to his manager:

“You’re talking about an eight-figure payday,” Kawa said. “Eight figures. Conor (McGregor) can talk about whatever he gets and all of that, Jon is by far the highest paid guy in the UFC, and the numbers that were shown that day for everybody from Brock (Lesnar) and the way down, Jon was making more than all of that. So for me, we lost out on an eight-figure payday, including myself.”

Jon Jones tainted supplement excuse may hold some weight. Most supplement companies are not vetted by the FDA, and fellow UFC fighter and Jones training partner Yoel Romero was proven to have taken a tainted supplement when USADA tested it.

Another UFC fighter, Tim Means, was also proven to have taken a tainted supplement. If Jon Jones took a tainted supplement, his suspension would probably be reduced to a few months rather than two years.

Jon Jones has received a temporary suspension for testing positive for clomiphene and another estrogen blocker. MMA Fighting explains why a fighter can benefit from such as substance:

“Estrogen blockers are typically taken for one of two reasons: to reduce the amount of estrogen in your system and stimulate natural testosterone production after a period of anabolic steroid use, or to stop testosterone from turning into estrogen, hence more natural testosterone in your system. The latter is the main use of an aromatase inhibitor.”

Jon Jones’ full hearing about the drug test is expected to occur later this year – around September. Anderson Silva, who lost against Daniel Cormier, got a big payday and a standing a standing ovation at UFC 200. Not bad for fighting with 48 hours’ notice.

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[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]