Liam Hemsworth ‘Independence Day’: Actor Blaming Miley Cyrus For Terrible Reviews From Critics?

Liam Hemsworth is fuming over some of the comments made by movie critics regarding his newest film, Independence Day: Resurgence, so much that he’s starting to push the blame on Miley Cyrus.

According to OK! magazine, the reviews concerning Liam’s performance in the movie were far from impressive, which has weighed hard on the Australian-born star since this film would’ve granted him many more blockbuster roles if the critics hadn’t been so harsh.

A source explains that Liam was reportedly told by his team that if the actor does a tremendous job with the film, they can land him similar roles, if not bigger ones, in the near future. But now that Hemsworth has received some of the harshest comments he’s ever seen, he’s fuming, convinced that it’ll affect his casting chances, and is allegedly letting his anger out on his fiancée, Miley Cyrus.

The outlet states, “Does Liam Hemsworth need his independence back? Recently, the Australian hunk has been dealing with the bad reviews of the anticipated film, Independence Day, and is taking it out on his fiancée Miley Cyrus!”

An insider goes on to say that the pop star has been trying to make Liam feel better by trying to divert his attention from the reviews and focus more on the positive side of things, such as the film surpassing more than $330 million at the box office in less than a month. But the source adds that nothing Miley has done is making her man feel any better.

“Miley’s doing her best to try and bring him out of this slump and see the positive side, but Liam’s so miserable and bitter about his life right now. He had so much pinned on this movie doing well, including a number of high-profile roles that were his if he proved himself at the box office.”

OK! then goes on to allege that Liam Hemsworth has somewhat pushed the blame on Cyrus, stressing that he may have only been given the bad reviews because of his affiliation with the Bangerz hitmaker, which Hollywood Take reinforces.

“He doesn’t know what to do and in his dark moments, he blames Miley for overshadowing everything he does,” the source gushed, before adding that the couple’s arguments as of late seem to hint that their supposed summer wedding is no longer happening.

Back in January, it was confirmed that Miley and Liam had reconciled after the singer flew out to meet her then ex-boyfriend in Australia, where she would go on to spend New Year’s Eve.

Following their return to California, Cyrus purchased a home out in Malibu, just minutes away from Liam’s house, as a meaningful move to show that the twosome were serious about their decision to get back together and give their romance another try.

In February, it was alleged that Hemsworth proposed for a second time, with a reported wedding planned for the summer. However, with OK! magazine claiming that the twosome are constantly at each other’s throats over Liam’s performance in his latest film, sources allude to the thought that this romance won’t last much longer.

What do you make of Liam Hemsworth’s reaction to the supposed bad reviews he read about himself? And if you’ve had the chance to see the movie, what did you make of it?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]