‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Will Doom Tiffany Rousso? Who Is Next ‘BB18’ Eviction Target? [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers state Tiffany Rousso is about to tank her personal game. The BB18 house is hosting the Week 4 Veto ceremony on Monday, July 18, with the expectation that Tiffany will have to name a replacement nominee. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tiffany won the Roadkill competition and decided to go with Corey Brooks as her nominee. Corey then won the Veto competition, giving him the opportunity to secure safety for the week. A report from Zap2it suggests that Tiffany is about to make a huge mistake with her re-nom plans.

The belief is that Tiffany is about to nominate Da’Vonne Rogers for eviction, all in the hope that enough people in the BB18 house want Da’Vonne evicted soon. While the idea might not seem like a bad one, Tiffany just doesn’t have enough support to swing a vote in that fashion. In a best-case scenario, it would seem that Tiffany could force a 4-4 vote at the July 21 eviction ceremony. The tie would be broken by Head of Household Paulie Calafiore, though, who wants Tiffany to exit the house next. He has also spoken about that exact scenario on the live feeds.

Any viewer watching the most recent episode of the show on CBS will not be surprised to hear that, according to Big Brother 18 spoilers, Tiffany Rousso has almost no chance of saving herself. Something would have to shift in a big way inside the BB18 house, and it doesn’t appear that Tiffany has fostered enough positive relationships to make it work. To push the houseguests in this direction, writer Andrea Reiher suggested that instead of nominating Da’Vonne Rogers, Tiffany needs to target Nicole Franzel for eviction.

For Tiffany to save herself, she would need to get Da’Vonne and Frank Eudy to work together for the current week. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates suggests that could be difficult, as Frank and Da’Vonne are still at odds in the BB18 house. They continue to talk badly about one another, with Nicole passing on information to Frank all the time. For a real house shift to work, Tiffany would need to get Frank, Da’Vonne, Bridgette Dunning, James Huling, and Natalie Negrotti to vote against Nicole Franzel. That’s a big task, as James would have to officially turn against Nicole.

While it could certainly be possible that Frank Eudy will turn on Nicole Franzel in the long-term, it doesn’t appear like he would be the one to send her out of the BB18 house in the short-term. Due to what took place with the Bronte D’Acquisto eviction vote, fans should not be surprised if Nicole pops up as a target in Big Brother 18 spoilers over the next two weeks. While Frank could seize the opportunity to work with Tiffany and get Nicole out during the July 21 eviction ceremony, it doesn’t appear as though he is ready to make a bold game move.

The Week 4 Veto ceremony is expected to take place on Monday afternoon (July 18), with Corey Brooks revealing whether or not he will use the Power of Veto to save himself. If he does come off the block, a new Roadkill nominee will be revealed, with Tiffany Rousso making a move that will likely dictate how the next BB18 eviction vote will play out. More Big Brother 18 spoilers will come out Monday evening, with reactions from the house and a new vote tally at the top of the list of revelations.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]