SoKo Kisses Friend On Instagram, Distances Kristen Stewart In Los Angeles

SoKo is living the life after breaking up with Kristen Stewart. The singer-actress has been sad a for a little bit after things didn’t work out with the 26-year-old actress, but it looks like she is embracing life and having the most fun she can. She even kissed her married friend and posted about it on Instagram!

It looks like her brief relationship with Kristen Stewart is long behind her!

Dating Kristen Stewart brought her more to the forefront in popular American culture, but it looks like SoKo is not looking to change herself to fit the demands of being a celebrity.

“I don’t have the life of an actress at all,” she said to Vice. “But last year I had to take a year off of music [because] I did two movies in a row.”

She doesn’t particularly like the life of being an actress. A few weeks ago, she blew up on Twitter, talking about how acting has made her so tired and that she misses the lifestyle she had when she focused just on her music.

I miss music so much. I haven’t played a show in over a year because of movies, and this is kind of the death of me. Send help,” she tweeted.

“Like I don’t feel like myself anymore at all. I’ve Been too many characters… And can’t get back to my life,” SoKo continued. “This pretend life is too lonely. I barely see my friends and family, coz I’m always working. And that’s no fun at all. Also, in the process of just making movies, I’ve actually lost all confidence in my ability to make music I’m TERRIFIED now.”

In fact, acting bored the 30-year-old actress. Since she was so used to being her own boss and having total control over her artistic process, having so many people being involved started to drain her.

“I wanted to find something in which I feel more like I can self-create and be at the origin of, and express my own ideas, and be independent, and not need anyone else to do it,” she said in the interview with Vice.

But other seem to think that she is a great performer for the screen. The director for her upcoming movie showered her with praises when it came to SoKo’s dedication, talent, and desire to tell the story.

“I’ve known her (Soko) for seven years and I had noticed her in several films and it was just obvious to cast her,” The Dancer director said. “I never thought about anyone else – because she’s not only an actress, she’s also an artist, she sings, she does many things and I like the way she gives 100 per cent engagement. She doesn’t cheat.”

When she was dating Kristen Stewart, she was not afraid of telling the public that she was very content with how things were going. When she was interviewed by W Magazine, she openly said, “I’m very, very, very in love and very happy in a relationship.”

They were spotted in public totally in love as well, “spotted looking romantic on a March trip to Paris,” packing”on the PDA while out and about in L.A,” and “Soko even sucked on the actress’ thumb while picking up takeout at a restaurant.”

So the split must have come as a surprise to the French artist. It was hard for her to hide her despair in public events.

“Soko appeared downcast as she was pictured out in Cannes on Sunday. Despite party-hopping at the Film Festival this week,” reports the Daily Mail. “The actress failed to raise a smile as she headed to the Three Six Zero Entertainment celebration.”

But since then, SoKo has found her beat again and is channeling her newfound freedom in a much more productive way. She says that her most recent work is “a lot happier and punchier,” still having that playful vibe that her music usually has.

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[Photo by Todd Williamson/AP Images]