Marcus Grodd Talks Feeling ‘Played’ By Lacy Faddoul

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul are over, even though everyone thought this Bachelor in Paradise couple got married. Not long ago, Marcus shared that they never even got married and that the two had actually split. Now Marcus is speaking out to Us Magazine and talking about how hard this has been on him and even saying that he was “played” by her.

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Marcus and Lacy met each other during Bachelor in Paradise, and for a long time, everyone thought that they were in a great relationship. He wanted to make their relationship legal in the United States, but Marcus is sharing that Lacy didn’t want to do that, and he didn’t know why. Marcus Grodd decided to wait to give her what she wanted, but it doesn’t sound like that worked out.

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They haven’t even talked since March. Marcus and Lacy were not living together at all. Now Marcus is sharing a few more of the details.

“I don’t feel angry by any means — I just feel disappointed in how she’s moving on and making it more as a joke than anything. It was more disappointment of seeing what she’s done and been posting, rather than being angry about it. I definitely feel played. I don’t know if that’s accurate … but the emotions that I’m feeling are yeah, I feel played, especially how she’s acting now to everything. But that’s me thinking as being hurt from her, [and] seeing what she’s posted and said in the past to me.”

Marcus Grodd explained that when their relationship started, things were great and “easy.” It changed over that for this couple, though. Marcus doesn’t know if she is dating someone or not at this time. He went on to share more about their relationship.

“I don’t think everything in the end was real between us, and she just stuck on for [some reason]. That’s the only thing I would look back on or take back, is [I would ask] her just to end it whenever she felt like she wanted to and not progress with it, instead of me trying and being foolish and fooled by her.”

Right now, Marcus Grodd feels a bit embarrassed by what happened to him. The thing is, Marcus would actually go on Bachelor in Paradise again to find love. He wouldn’t be afraid to try again, even though it didn’t work out for him the first time. He admits that he would have his guard up if he did it again.

Of course, everyone has reached out to Lacy Faddoul, and she won’t do an interview at all. She has made a few posts about it, but without talking about the failed relationship in the posts. Everyone would like to hear her side of it, but it doesn’t look like she is going to be sharing it.

Back in early July, People shared about the split. Then Marcus said that it seemed like Lacy became a different person. Marcus said that priorities changed during that time. This is probably part of why their relationship didn’t work out. Marcus also shared that their relationship was “toxic” and that Lacy was very “controlling.” They were never able to work it out, and it doesn’t look like there is any way that these two will be getting back together in the future.

Are you shocked to hear that Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul didn’t work out? Did you think that Lacy was head over heels for him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise when it starts airing on August 2 on ABC.

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