‘Street Fighter V’: Evo 2016 Comes With New DLC; Unique Stage, Exclusive Color Option, & More

Evolution 2016 has brought the hype, and Capcom has added DLC to Street Fighter V to help maintain the excitement.

An update is available for players who have Street Fighter V, and the range of downloadable content spans from new colors for all 22 characters to a unique stage that can be purchased.

Street Fighter V is a source of much controversy with its downloadable content. Issues arose when the game was first released, with the general reception of the game being that it was lacking many components that fans knew and loved. Perhaps the most controversial aspect was a lack of single player or arcade mode. Without these, many felt alienated. Capcom addressed this by promising DLC that would flesh out the game and their intention to include all manner of play, but the main intent appeared to be for those on the tournament scene.

As a result, Street Fighter V has seen consistent updates. Capcom was behind schedule on releasing its characters, but story mode has been released to give fans the chance to get their hands on Juri and Urien. Ibuki and Balrog have also been released. During Evolution 2016, the DLC for even more unique items was up for immediate grabs.

In a report by Design & Trend, the Street Fighter V CPT (Capcom Pro Tour) Premier Package is available for $25. The contents included here are not part of the season pass, giving players incentive to jump on such a deal. Perhaps the most notable is the new stage, called “Ring of Destiny.” This stage is a rather large boxing ring, and the banner is said to be changed depending on the event that will be taking place at the time. Capcom has placed an Evolution 2016 theme on the stage, and the CPT logo can be seen as players duke it out.

According to Capcom, the CPT Premier package for Street Fighter V will help the overall bonus for those who are entering Evolution 2016. Each payment of $25 will ensure that the pot bonus will be larger, allowing Capcom to increase the prizes given for those who place high among competitors.

If you’re a fan of the Street Fighter series, it’s also been said that Capcom will be bringing an old school feel to the table. The Street Fighter V cast will be getting an update that brings out Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3 content, specifically for those who wanted an updated look to Alex and Ibuki. It seems that Capcom is planning to bulk up the available customization for every character.

Street Fighter V will also have mystery costumes for each character, though not much information has been revealed in regards to this. According to Gamespot, custom outfits for Cammy and Chun-Li are available. Speculation is high, but Capcom remains quiet until fans tune in to various streams and fighting game events. Of course, this is nothing new when it comes to character reveals. With the exception of a few characters, tournaments are usually the hub for trailers that introduce characters that we’ll be seeing shortly after.

Capcom isn’t without bug fixes in the new Street Fighter V update, as well. It looks as though no nerfs are currently planned, as every character appears to be viable in the roster. Of course, that isn’t to say that Capcom won’t be in the works to balance characters in the future. Character diversity is high, and one can be rest assured that the developers are hoping it stays that way. Street Fighter IV saw many nerfs and buffs to characters. Will Street Fighter V suffer the same fate?

What are your thoughts on Street Fighter V as a whole thus far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[Image Via Capcom]

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