UFO Investigator Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances: Latest In A Long List of Untimely Deaths Among Researchers

A young and recently wed paranormal and UFO field investigator was found dead at his home earlier this month. Reports suggest the 32-year-old Gaurav Tiwari was found at his Dwarka flat in northwestern India under what is being labeled as mysterious circumstances. But does the UFO investigator’s death point to something more than just the oddity of his passing, something that connects him to dozens of other deaths of UFO investigators and researchers over the years? Are researchers being targeted?

The Times of India reported last week that Gaurav Tiwari was found dead at his home, a death authorities are treating as a suicide. Still, police have no motive and Tiwari’s family insist that the young founder of the Indian Paranormal Society was “perfectly normal” and had no reason to kill himself. In fact, according to family, he had only been married for a few months.


At the time of his death, Gaurav Tiwari was living with his parents and wife in Dwarka. His father, Uday Tiwari, said he was checking his mail while he and his wife had coffee when they heard a loud thud from the bathroom. Along with their daughter-in-law, they rushed to investigate and the daughter-in-law peeked into the room and saw her husband on the floor. After gaining entrance, they attempted to revive Tiwari, but he remained unresponsive.

Police were notified and a black line was discovered around his neck, leading the authorities to cite asphyxia as the likely cause of death. It was offered that Tiwari may have also simply fell and hit his head. Nothing else was found that could help determine the method and manner of death, and his cell phone, once checked, revealed no indication as to what might have occurred in the bathroom. The matter will await final consideration after an autopsy is performed. An inquest, a customary legal proceeding following unnatural deaths, has been initiated.

Uday Tiwari said that his son had told his wife a month ago about “a negative force [that] was pulling him towards it,” and that “he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so.” However, he said the young woman had ignored Gaurav Tiwari’s words as depression from overwork. She had not told the family

“We don’t believe in ghosts etc, but his death has left us shocked and puzzled,” the father said.

Friends, who expressed shock at the news of Gaurav Tiwari’s death, noted that he was certified as a paranormal investigator, a UFO field investigator, and a para-nexus representative in India. He had taken part in shows like Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone and MTV’s Girl’s Night Out with VJ Ranvijay. He was also involved in shows like Bhoot Aaya and Fear Files, and had even acted in a couple of movies.

According to the Indian Paranormal Society website, Tiwari was also a trained pilot. However, friends say he left flying after moving into a house he believes was haunted. He immersed himself in all things paranormal and founded the Indian Paranormal Society, visiting and/or investigating over 6,000 reportedly haunted locations. He not only investigated hauntings, Tiwari also did investigations and research on UFO abductions and mysterious creatures as well.

But Gaurav Tiwari’s death doesn’t stand alone when viewed through the lens of history. And even if his death is ultimately and ruled as a suicide, he will be among a growing number of UFO investigators and researchers associated with UFOs and aliens that have died suddenly, been killed, or passed away under what some would call suspicious circumstances.

Although conspiracy theorists are quick to draw a line connecting many — if not all — of the deaths over the years, cooler heads note that, although many of the UFO and alien researchers seemed to die somewhat mysteriously, quite a few died explainable deaths that could very well have been the actual manners and causes of death.

Still, conspiracy theorists and others have compiled lists of the many researchers and scientists associated with UFO and alien studies that have died in the past under what could be seen as mysterious or suspicious circumstances. And those lists are inordinately long. For example, in a list compiled by a Professor G. Cope Schellhorn and posted at Metatech.org, over five dozen UFO researchers, investigators, authors, alien contactees, military personnel, and others have died too young of heart attacks, sudden onset of cancers, far too many suicides than normal, and even quite a few killings and/or murders. Whether or not the deaths are actually suspicious or mysterious is often left to the perspective of the readers, although the upshot is insinuated (or sometimes bluntly asserted) that the deaths are part of a massive federal or international UFO (and related areas) cover-up.


Schellhorn notes in his 1997 expository that his list follows in the footsteps of an investigative piece, Saga magazine’s Special UFO Report, proffered in 1971 by author and comic books legend Otto Binder, who chronicled the suspicious deaths of no less than 137 UFO investigators in the previous 10 years. And with Gaurav Tiwari’s untimely passing, it would appear that the list of “mysterious” deaths among UFO researchers will grow even longer.

But does that mean that there is some strange conspiracy linking all the deaths, that there is possibly some unknown agency or agencies intent on ensuring the deaths of UFO investigators and researchers and scientists to keep knowledge of aliens and the paranormal secreted away from the general public? No, it does not. But plausible deniability is the stock-in-trade of those who work for and within the darker departments of governance, something that helps lend credence to the many conspiracy theories surrounding the study of aliens and UFOs.

But no matter which way one looks at it, Gaurav Tiwari’s death is a tragedy — for his fans, for his friends, for the UFO and paranormal communities of which he was an active part, and, most tragic of all, for his family.

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