July Food Holidays: What’s On The Menu For This Week? Hot Dogs, Ice Cream Soda, And More!

There’s never a bad time to celebrate a food holiday, whether it’s somewhat crazy or more on the traditional side. So, mark your calendar and get ready for the fun. These are just a few July food (and drink) holidays on the menu this week.

Feel free to take a minute or two to click on each of the links provided. You’ll find yummy recipes, which correlate with each food holiday mentioned.

July 19 – National Daiquiri Day

According to The Nibble, both Ernest Hemingway and President John F. Kennedy loved daiquiris. This popular cocktail was the brainchild of Jennings Cox, who came up with the recipe in 1898. Cox, who worked in the Cuban town of Daiquiri, requested a shaken concoction of rum, lime, sugar, and ice.

The daiquiri was almost an instant hit. It didn’t take long before it was being served in bars all across Havana. The drink made its way to the United States sometime between 1902 in 1909. The rest is history.

Today, there are scads of variations of the original daiquiri recipe. They utilize everything from grapefruit juice to maraschino liquor to a variety of fruit purees to almost anything in between.

July 20 – National Ice Cream Soda Day

There aren’t many people who would pass up ice cream and soda on a hot July day. Consuming them together is twice the fun. WGNO New Orleans asked David Bergeron (owner of the local Creole Creamery) about the ingredients that make up a traditional ice cream soda. The answer is a simple one. Ice cream, milk, flavored syrup and soda water is all it takes!

Whipping up an ice cream soda at home is easy-peasy. You can be as creative as you want to be. Just blend or vigorously stir everything together until you reach the desired consistency. Top with an extra scoop of ice cream and a maraschino cherry. Enjoy!

July 21 – National Junk Food Day

National Junk Food Day really doesn’t need an explanation. There are zillions of possibilities to choose from. Remember, the key to successfully making it through this July food holiday, without the need of a queasy stomach remedy, is to exercise moderation.

Some people celebrate the day seeking out bizarre snacks to add to their list of favorites. CNN compiled their favorite crazy snack options for 2015. One of the coolest things about this list is that many of these foods aren’t as “junky” as you might think. They actually sound pretty tasty! Hopefully, an updated list will be posted by next Thursday.

July 22 – National Penuche Fudge Day

July 22 marks National Penuche Fudge Day, one of the more obscure July food holidays. In the event you never heard of penuche fudge, you’re not the only one. Huffington Post to the rescue! Food writer Alison Spiegel explained it as a brown sugar fudge, void of any chocolate whatsoever. In Italy, the sweet treat is referred to as “panucci.”

If you can’t get enough of butterscotch and maple, penuche fudge is probably for you. Unfortunately, the origin of this yummy snack is questionable. Some people credit the recipe to Mark Penuche, which makes perfect sense. Rumor has it that the former Boston Bruins player loved maple syrup and created the recipe in 1924. However, penuche is actually derived from a Mexican Spanish word that means raw sugar. So, exactly where it comes from will forever remain a mystery.

July 23 – National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day can be a little confusing at times, according to Fortune. Why? The officially designated date to celebrate is July 14. But, since the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council typically hosts its Annual Hot Dog Lunch on July 23, most people celebrate it then.

Several eateries around the country will be offering great deals on hot dogs to commemorate the occasion. This includes 7-Eleven, Hot Dog on a Stick (July 24), Dog Haus, and more! If you decide to celebrate at home, there’s no better time to fire up the grill and grab your favorite condiments. Let the hot dog eating celebration begin!

What is your favorite July food holiday? Do you plan on celebrating any of the ones listed above? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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