Woodson: Jay Cutler Is ‘Same Old Jay’

Jay Cutler (pictured above from his college days) had a bad day Thursday.

Cutler was intercepted four times and sacked seven times. Charles Woodson called him out and Cutler himself chewed out his offensive linemen. He ended the Bears’ 23-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers 11-of-27 for 126 yards. That’s a 28.3 passer rating. Bad stuff.

Earlier in the week Cutler wished the Packers good luck in stopping the Bears’ passing game. Green Bay corner back Charles Woodson’s response would turn out to be the least of Cutler’s worries.

“We understand that Jay is excited about his new weapons, but it’s the same old Jay,” The Washington Post reports Woodson as saying. “We don’t need luck. We just need to be in position. Jay will throw us the ball.”

Turns out Woodson was right.

Cutler has been a lightning rod for criticism since leaving the 2010 NFC Championship game with an injury, and consistency has been an issue. The rivalry with the Packers is a big one for the Bears too, and the New England Sports Network reports that since joining the Bears, Cutler has now thrown 10 interceptions at Lambeau Field.

It wasn’t just a bad game that was the issue, Cutler’s meltdown included publicly calling out his own teammates. Cutler cussed out and bumped left tackle J’Marcus Webb, and Webb let the world know how he felt about it on Facebook.

“There is nothing like having a bad game, but when you have it, you have to deal with it correctly,” he wrote. “It’s not how one deals with a win. How does one deal with a loss or bad game? I’m no different than you. Time to prepare. Go Bears!”

So what was Cutler’s post-game response? Did Jay Cutler have a mature acknowledgement of his own failings?

“When we’re not doing the little things or things the right way consistently, I’m going to say something,” Jay Cutler said. “If they want a quarterback that doesn’t care, they can get someone else.”

The title of The Washington Post‘s blog on Cutler may say it all.

“Jay Cutler is ‘same old Jay,’ Charles Woodson says, and most people seem to agree.”