Ebola Outbreak In Congo Out Of Control, WHO Says

The Congo Ebola outbreak is far from being contained with the death toll increasing to 31 as health workers struggle to contain the deadly virus.

The death toll from the hemorrhagic fever outbreak has doubled in the past week, while Tarik Jasarevic, a spokesman for the World Health Organization, revealed that they discovered more people who were infected originally, reports NPR. Jasarevic stated that:

“We can expect an increase in the number of cases as more people are tracked. These are not necessarily new cases. I want to stress that this is a serious outbreak, and there is a risk of the Ebola virus spreading, but we would not say that it’s out of control.”

Another WHO spokesman, who is based in Congo’s capital city of Kinshasa, stated that the outbreak was “out of control, adding that, “if nothing is done now, the disease will reach other places, and even major towns will be threatened.”

WHO has been working with Congo’s health ministry and nonprofit groups since the initial Ebola outbreak to treat those who are infected, locate people who they were contact with, and also quarantining suspected cases. Yahoo! News notes that the outbreak is believed to have been caused by tainted bushmeat local villagers hunted down. It has struck in Isiro and Viadana so far.

While about 16 people have died in neighboring Uganda last month, the WHO doesn’t believe the two epidemics were connected. There are now 65 probable or suspected cases of the hemorrhagic fever in Congo, while 108 people remain under surveillance related to the disease.

Health officials are concerned about the Ebola outbreak reaching the country’s capital of Kinshasa. The city is home to more than nine million people, whose health sector is crumbling and would likely not be able to handle a mass outbreak of Ebola.

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