Jenelle Evans Throws Shade At Chelsea Houska Over Pregnancy Reception

Jenelle Evans is upset. She had been denying her pregnancy for several weeks only to be outted because of a car accident she was in with her boyfriend, David Eason. News of Evans’ pregnancy traveled fast and once it hit social media, the comments flooded in. Despite her knowledge of what people would likely say about her having another baby, Evans seemed to be shocked by the angry responses. While she hasn’t come right out and admitted she is carrying Eason’s child, she did throw some major shade at her Teen Mom 2 co-star Chelsea Houska.

The competition between Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska has been on and off since Teen Mom 2 began airing. Just a few months ago, the two were caught in a Twitter feud when Evans threw shade at Houska for launching a website. Words were exchanged, and she accused her co-star of stealing her idea. According to the Ashley, Jenelle Evans made a statement about people being nosy and how they were happy when “someone else” announced a pregnancy but have been hateful toward her. That “someone else” was clearly Chelsea Houska who announced earlier this week that she was expecting her first child with soon-to-be husband Cole DeBoer. She currently has a daughter with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have followed both Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska since they began on 16 & Pregnant. Both women took different paths, choosing what they felt was right at the moment. Evans lost custody of her son Jace to her mother when the show was filming. She then had a second child with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith two years ago. Evans is now pregnant with a third child.

Chelsea Houska welcomed a daughter, Aubree, with Adam Lind. She worked hard, went to school, and finally met someone she wanted to share her life with. Houska is currently pregnant with baby number two. The circumstances between the two women are completely opposite, which is why the reactions were vastly different.

And then there were four...

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This isn’t going to be the end of things for Jenelle Evans because she has only made one statement referencing her pregnancy. Generally, there is a big blow up over her feelings and then things settle down. Now that it is apparent how people feel about Evans’ pregnancy versus Chelsea Houska’s pregnancy, the bad blood is just going to boil. The ladies are currently filming another season of Teen Mom 2 and are likely due around the same time. Houska confirmed she is due in February and Evans is due at the end of January or beginning of February. The competition will pick up, and it is going to be awkward when it comes down to filming the reunion with Dr. Drew Pinsky. The bitterness Evans has for Houska started long before the pregnancy announcement, and it will continue as fans show more attention to her co-star.

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As details emerge about Jenelle Evans’ pregnancy, comments are still coming in. Many fans and viewers of Teen Mom 2 have mentioned how many different men Evans will have children with. She is currently battling her mother for custody of Jace and recently resolved custody of Kaiser with Nathan Griffith. This will be the third child for both Evans and David Eason as he already has a son and daughter. She has talked about walking away from Teen Mom 2, but now that another child is on the way, the amount of money is something she cannot turn down. Jenelle Evans has several months of mean comments and critical reviews ahead of her while everyone watches her participate in filming another season of Teen Mom 2 while pregnant.

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