Another Dr. Phil McGraw Scandal: The TV Shrink Slapped With a Tax Lien, Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of A Patient

Chrissie Williams

Dr. Phil Mcgraw seems to be having a hard time lately. First, it came out that he allegedly sexually abused a young woman 20 years ago, and now the TV shrink has been slapped with a tax lien. The tax lien alone wouldn't be such troubling news, but when you add in the recent media coverage of the sexual abuse allegations and his million dollar lawsuit against National Enquirer. It's all painting a picture of Dr. Phil's life, and many people are wondering if he isn't the amazing shrink he claims to be.

Radar Online shared that Dr. Phil has a $866.60 tax lien filed with the L.A County. Apparently, his production company, Peteski Productions, hasn't paid a cent towards his 2013 balance. It begs the question as to why wouldn't he pay the bill. Is it possible it was an oversight? That is the most likely reason, especially considering that the TV shrink is worth over $200 million.

One of the biggest scandals is the accusation that he has an "unprofessional relationship with a young woman." For many people, the real shocker was that the woman he "abused" was his patient -- someone, by law, he should have protected. Not only did he not protect her from abuse, but his former patient also claims that he ruined any chance she had at developing a healthy, normal relationship with a man.

According to Perez Hilton, Dr. Phil was reprimanded and had to have another psychologist supervise his patients for a year. Dr. Phil had to have a professional therapist in the room with him at all times during his counseling sessions, and was ordered to pay for the psychologist out of his pocket. Allegedly, the board required for him to take an ethics class before reinstating his license. Dr. Phil admitted that the board required him to take an ethics course after a "misunderstanding" with a patient.

In 1990, Dr. Phil did satisfy the board's requirements and was restored to give therapy without anyone present to "supervise" his behavior. Sara Morrison claims that Dr. Phil may have forgotten the abuse she reportedly suffered, but she will never forget. She said she has never forgotten the emotional scars he left behind.

"Not a single day has gone by when I haven't been affected by what Phil McGraw did to me. He profoundly affected the course of my life. The world should know this man is a predator and a bully. He shouldn't be telling Americans how to live their lives, how to improve themselves."

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]