'Avatar 2' Will Show Jake Sully And Neytiri's Twins?

Avatar 2 has not yet gotten any official release date from the studio, but James Cameron's epic science-fiction film has created a lot of social buzzes. Avatar 2 will indeed have a time gap and will show the married life of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). Now, a recent report suggests that the film will indeed show their children being raised by the Na'vi's.

A report from Breathcast suggests that Avatar 2 will show how Sully will marry Neytiri and will lead Pandora as their chief. Now if these two characters are going to have a marriage, then there are chances that other distant family members of Neytiri will also show up at a wedding and this way, we get to see some new aliens in the upcoming science fiction film.

According to Movie News Guide, Avatar 2 will show how Sully and Neytiri will be seen eradicating the human/Na'vi differences. The film, as reported, will also show the lead character's children who will be actually half-human and half-Na'vi.

The delay in the production has caused fans to worry whether or not they will get to see the world of Pandora in 2017. Even Fox has refused to comment on the delay in the release of the film, and there's no new news about the remaining two sequels, which were planned by the studio to release somewhere in 2018 and 2019. However, last year, the director confirmed that a team is indeed trying very hard for a 2017 release and Fox chairman-CEO Jim Gianopulos had also stated the same after visiting Cameron in progress.

"James Cameron has his own pace," Gianopulos stated.

In his conversation with Montreal Gazette, Cameron explained why there has been this much of delay in the sequels. The Titanic director stated that for him and his crew, the most important thing is to focus on story rather than worrying about the release date. He further added that they intend to release all the sequels a year apart as they all are a stand alone film.

"I don't consider that to be as important as the fact that when we get all three films done, we drop them a year apart. I call it a meta-narrative that runs across the three movies. Each film stands alone, but it also tells one much larger story."
Meanwhile, the sequel of 2009s epic sci-film Avatar will be more like an animated film. During the premiere of The Dark Horse, Cameron shed light on the movie's update and stated that they are trying to bring some advanced technologies, which no one has ever seen before in any film that serves the concept of motion capture graphics. The 61-year-old director further revealed that all the sequels will have more animated scenes as they are trying to show the world beneath the Pandora lands.
"You have to think of it more like an animated film, so it's not really shooting per se. It's a lot of performance capture work, so yeah, we're getting into that."
This being said, the most interesting thing to note about these films is that they are a trilogy, but are actually sequels to Avatar Universe. In an interview with Fox News, Cameron clarified the concept of bringing characters from another universe to Pandora.
"We're shooting two films back-to-back, so I'm writing two scripts, not one, which will complete a [three]-film story arc – not really a trilogy, but just an overall character arc so I'm pretty excited about that. We're doing a lot of preliminary work right now on new software and new animation techniques and so on."
James Cameron's Avatar 2 is one of the most awaited projects, and if they will bring Jake Sully and Neytiri's children then it will interesting to see how they will be raised by a human and a Na'vi.

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