‘Playboy’ Model Dani Mathers Being Investigated By Police After Posting Naked Pic Of Woman At Gym? [Video]

Playboy model Dani Mathers incited a lot of internet rage with a recent Snapchat post. In the controversial snap, Dani shared a photograph of a naked, showering fellow gym-goer. The photo was presumably taken and shared without the nude, showering woman’s knowledge or consent. And how did the smarmy Playboy model choose to caption her shot (which many consider illegal voyeurism)? Dani Mathers used the body shaming words, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

She followed up her disgusting snap with a selfie in which she was grinning behind her hand.

While Dani Mathers clearly thought that she was being funny, and presumably thought that her Snapchat post wouldn’t travel very far, she was wrong on both counts. In a world where trans citizens can’t even use a public bathroom in some states without fear of being arrested, rational people don’t take very kindly to people Snapping voyeuristic nude photos of unsuspecting people in the shower, and the reaction to the Playboy model’s immature, insulting, and possibly criminal snap was immediate and harsh, reports ET.

Ironically enough, Playboy model Dani Mathers’ snap went viral in the same week that an Idaho transgender woman was arrested for taking photos in a women’s dressing room. Fortunately for Dani Mathers (and in a clear illustration of the bigoted way transgender crimes are handled in the U.S.), she hasn’t been arrested.


The Playboy model did offer a public apology for her grotesque error in judgement, but many people have found it to be insincere and too little, too late.

Despite not having (yet) been arrested, Playboy model Dani Mathers has faced some serious consequences for her Snapchat indiscretion, and rightly so. According to the New York Daily News, Mathers has a lot more free time on her hands to contemplate her Snapchat usage. The Playboy model has reportedly been suspended from her job, a gig on the Heidi and Frank radio show on KLOS 95.5.

On top of that, L.A. Fitness has stepped into the drama surrounding Dani Mathers’ hurtful, tactless, and possibly illegal snap. The company has banned the 2015 Playboy Playmate of the year from all of its locations after she shared the nude image of one of the gym’s members on social media.

“Her behavior is appalling and puts every member’s privacy at risk. [She] is not permitted back at any club, ever.”



In addition to losing her job and her gym membership, Playboy model Dani Mathers could also find herself facing serious criminal repercussions stemming from her childish social media body shaming. TMZ reports that the Playboy model’s actions have been reported to the LAPD, and that L.A. Fitness was the entity to make local law enforcement aware of the incident that happened at one of their locations.

The 29-year-old model tried to justify and/or rationalize her Snapchat snafu in addition to making a poorly received public apology. She told the world that she had intended to send the hateful photograph to one specific individual, not all of her followers, as if that would have made it less wrong. According to Playboy model Dani Mathers, she “didn’t understand how to use Snapchat.”

She took to her Twitter account to apologize to her fans, critics, followers, and the world. Unfortunately, her tweeted apology didn’t last long, because the Playboy model quickly deleted her Twitter account in response to the angry public’s backlash.

“There is no excuse. I understand fully the magnitude of this post that I have hurt a lot of people, women. Body shaming is not okay…and not something to joke about.”

According to L.A. Fitness, Dani Mathers not only violated gym rules, which prohibit the use of cell phones and cameras in the locker rooms, but the rules of “common decency” as well.

What do you think? Does Dani Mathers’ locker room behavior illustrate the need for good “nudity etiquette” among people of all sexual orientations? Has she suffered enough already as a result of her blatant social media indiscretion? Should Playboy model Dani Mathers face criminal charges for her indecent, voyeuristic Snapchat?

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