Steven Tyler Stars In Horror Movie: See The Trailer For ‘Happy Birthday’

Steven Tyler is adding something new to his resume—and it's not a country music album. Just ahead of the release of Steven Tyler's first solo album, We're All Somebody From Somewhere, the Aerosmith frontman appears in a trailer for the upcoming horror movie, Happy Birthday. You can see the full trailer below.

Steven Tyler plays a wild, cowboy-type character in the horror flick about a wild road trip that culminates with a run-in with the Mexican drug cartel. The movie is written and directed by Casey Tebo, a longtime collaborator of the rock star, according to Fuse. Happy Birthday also stars Matt Bush, Britne Oldford, and Matt Willig.

Steven Tyler also tweeted a link to the film's trailer to fans, describing it as a "crazy [bleeping]" movie.


Steven Tyler has a long history with Casey Tebo, so it's no surprise that the director brought him on board for the film project. Steven previously told Billboard that Tebo came into his band's life at a turbulent time and that he ultimately became Aerosmith's videographer during a band-saving tour.

"There was a lot of s**t going on at one point with the band, and I got really pissed off and I thought, 'I need to start filming a day in the life of myself on tour,'" Tyler told Billboard in 2013. "So I brought (Tebo) out about four years ago, and he did such a great job he started doing the (video) screens and he started being our videographer on tour."

Casey eventually used a collection of touring footage to put together Rock for the Rising Sun, a full-length live performance feature that documents Aerosmith's 2011 tour through earthquake-and-tsunami-ravaged Japan.

Happy Birthday is not Steven Tyler's first acting credit, but it is one of the rare times the rocker isn't playing himself. According to Steven Tyler's IMDB page, the rock star has 22 acting credits under his belt, including voice roles on Hot In Cleveland and the kiddie show Wonder Pets, where he voiced the Mad Hatter. Tyler also appeared as himself on the Charlie Sheen sitcom Two and a Half Men a decade ago. Tyler was a noisy singing neighbor renting the house next to the Harpers.

More recently, Steven Tyler guest starred on the ABC drama Nashville last season. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Steven talked about his Nashville role, which had him sharing the stage with actress Hayden Panettiere (Juliette on the show) for a duet of Patsy Cline's classic song "Crazy."

"Hayden is a peach," Tyler said about working with the Nashville star. "She's a seasoned pro, from her success on NBC's Heroes… she's a true professional both while filming, recording and off set as well."

Steven Tyler also revealed that it was a no-brainer to perform the duet live and he added that there's a perk to doing such a thing when filming a TV show.

"Why lip sync when you can sing live?" Steven said. "We had to give the audience a performance. My favorite thing about filming is that I can yell, 'CUT!' and have a do-over if I want. There are no cuts in rock n' roll."

In addition to his TV roles, Steven Tyler has appeared in several commercials, including an ad for Skittles candies that made its colorful debut during Super Bowl 50.

Steven already has plenty of Grammys, so maybe he's trying to win an Emmy—or an Oscar—next.

You can see Steven Tyler in the Happy Birthday trailer below. The movie hits theaters Sept. 9.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ABA]