WWE News: ‘WWE 2K17 NXT Collector’s Edition’ Pre-Order Details Released

The WWE 2K series is only getting better with age, quite like a fine wine. It began with WWE 2K14 when the Rock was on the cover. It was 2K’s first time creating the popular wrestling franchise, and it was a success. There were bugs to fix, but overall, the game was adequate for 2K’s first attempt. Then, WWE 2K15 was arguably the best version in its first two years when John Cena graced the cover. That was also the first time it transitioned to PS4 and Xbox One.

Last year, the WWE had its first non-active wrestler don the cover of WWE 2K16: Stone Cold Steve Austin. NXT was a focal point of the game for the first time, and 2K knocked it out of the park. Of course, there were complaints, but with the huge roster and the addition of NXT, fans had nearly everything they’ve wanted in a WWE video game. Nothing may top WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain, but 2K is getting closer by the year.

goldberg in wwe video game

It’s 2016, and WWE 2K17 is set to come out on October 11 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Brock Lesnar was announced as the cover man for the game, and for the first time, the WWE is partnering up with former WWE star Goldberg as a pre-order bonus. Included in the game will presumably be a Brock Lesnar-themed mode, as most years have a big theme that has something to do with the man on the cover.

Despite all of that excitement about the pre-order bonus and potential Lesnar-themed game mode, 2K Sports and the WWE dropped huge information on a pre-order collector’s edition that will have the WWE NXT fans talking. Here’s what you’ll get with the WWE 2K17 NXT Collector’s Edition (via IGN).

  • WWE 2K17 video game.
  • NXT Enhancement Pack: Playable NXT Superstars: Shinsuke Nakamura, Nia Jax and Apollo Crews. 50-percent boost in points earned during NXT in MyCareer.
  • Exclusive Canvas2Canvas lithograph autographed by NXT Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura.
  • Exclusive eight-inch “Demon” Finn Balor collectible figurine.
  • One Exclusive Topps NXT Takeover: London mat Relics Card – Includes a piece of authentic ring canvas from the event.
  • Goldberg Pre-Order Pack

According to an article from WhatCulture, Triple H revealed more information regarding the video game and out some hints regarding additional roster inclusions. Bayley and Alexa Bliss are on the cover of the NXT edition, so that could be a possible clue. Also on the cover is Asuka and Simon Gotch. Taking a closer look, Samoa Joe is on the cover too.

Bayley bio

Even though the brand split is happening on July 19, it probably won’t take place. HHH commented on the matter but even hinted that there may be a way around it.

“You know, the game has such a long creation time that it takes a bit of time to get everything in there. I think the brand split will probably – or brand extension will probably become a much more prominent feature of future games, as opposed to this one.

“But, I’m sure… as you can create just about anything in these games, I’m sure our fans will find a unique way in their own right to create that extension on their own.”

The only two problems with the NXT edition are that it’s limited, and it won’t cost an average $5 to pre-order it. Only 50,000 editions of the NXT edition will be purchasable. Also, when anyone tries to pre-order it, it will cost $99 on the WWE Shop.

Who will go out and buy the WWE 2K17 NXT Collector’s Edition? Despite the price, there are a lot of fans will get it. WWE fans should be happy, especially those who love WWE NXT.

[Image via IGN]