Jeff Lewis And Heather Dubrow In Twitter Spat After Jeff Criticizes Heather’s Behavior At Shannon Beador’s Party

Through eight seasons of Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis has continued to say whatever’s on his mind, even if it means angering others. On Wednesday night, the night Season 9 of the hit Bravo show began airing, Jeff showed that his mouth was still unfiltered, both on and off the show. During his live Watch What Happens Live appearance after the airing of the season premiere, Jeff actually named the woman from the Real Housewives franchise who is his least favorite and went into specific detail about why he dislikes that person. The housewife he named? The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Heather Dubrow.

During the after show portion of the talk show, host Andy Cohen asked Jeff to elaborate on why he named Heather as his least favorite housewife. Did Terry and Heather Dubrow, whose construction of their mega-mansion from the ground up is currently a major story line of theirs on Season 11 of Real Housewives, hire Jeff and his team to do some renovation and interior decorating? Was Heather a difficult and overly-demanding client?

Jeff explained that his dislike for Heather actually came from a personal interaction with her during her co-star and his friend’s Shannon Beador’s party.

“I have not had a good start with her. Personally, yes. I have personal experience. I went to Shannon Beador’s birthday party and I was sitting right across from her. And I just, the one thing that gets me is when people are rude to the waitstaff. I mean, I worked in a restaurant when I was in college. It was really obnoxious. It was really bad.”

Andy commented that since Jeff has been on Bravo for so long, he has met practically everyone on all the Bravo shows, especially all of the housewives. Was Heather’s behavior really that bad to be named Jeff’s least favorite housewife out of all of them?

Heather had something to say about what Jeff said about her. She tweeted to Jeff that she has no words for what he did. According to Heather, it was Jeff who was “beyond rude” to her. Heather added that despite Jeff’s rudeness to her, she never called him out publicly. Heather ended her tweet by calling Jeff a “loser.”

Not only does Heather think Jeff is a “loser,” she also thinks he has low self-esteem and is “flipping stupid.

Heather denied Jeff’s claim that she was rude to the waitstaff. She told one viewer she has no idea why Jeff doesn’t like her and called him an “a**hole.” She then tweeted that she’s not ungrateful and is fully aware of how lucky she is to what she has. She then brought Jeff’s husband, Gage Edwards, into the argument by saying that Jeff’s lucky to have such a man put up with him.

When another viewer explained that Jeff Lewis claimed that Heather Dubrow was rude to the waitstaff at Shannon Beador’s party, Heather outright denied it.

Jeff responded to Heather’s bashing of him on Twitter. He called Heather calling him an “a**hole” “classy.”

Heather responded to Jeff’s tweet. She wrote that despite Jeff’s rude behavior to her at Shannon’s party, she would have never publicly said what she thought about him. She made clear that all gloves are now off by stating that she now will say what she thinks of Jeff.

How exactly was Jeff rude to Heather? Heather, who has a podcast radio show, teased that she will share all on an upcoming episode.

What does Shannon think of all this? Shannon is good friends with Jeff and they frequently hang out with one another. Most recently, Jeff attended Shannon’s 4th of July party.

Jeff’s husband, Gage, and assistant, Jenni Pulos, also attended.

As viewers see from The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon is also good friends with Heather. The two of them don’t just get along while filming the show but actually hang out with one another, even when there’s no filming to be done.

So far, Shannon Beador has stayed silent on Heather Dubrow’s spat with Jeff. Most likely, Shannon won’t be inviting both Heather and Jeff to the same parties anymore or at the very least, she’ll make sure that they stay far away from one another.

This isn’t the first time that Jeff Lewis has infuriated a Real Housewives star. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jeff angered former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville when he didn’t come to her defense after she threw a glass of wine at his face during their joint Watch What Happens Live appearance in 2015. Brandi, who was heavily criticized for her wine throwing, claimed that it was a joke they were in on together, but Jeff denied it.

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