Kailyn Lowry Divorce: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star May Have Regrets

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have had a very rocky few months. Last winter, they suffered a miscarriage, which was the beginning of the end of their marriage. Lowry has been unhappy in her marriage for quite a while now. Teen Mom 2 has documented the couple’s struggles, much of which came from Marroquin being overbearing and jealous. Now that they both have decided to pursue a divorce, it looks like a change of heart may have happened for Lowry.

During the Teen Mom 2 reunion special it was clear that Javi Marroquin was not comfortable with the decision Kailyn Lowry made about going through with a divorce. She insisted it was the best move for the both of them, but he was clearly uncomfortable talking about it and eager to see if they could make things work once he returned home. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kailyn Lowry may be having a change of heart. She has sent out several tweets about regrets, including one about the grass not being greener on the other side. If Lowry wants to work things out with Marroquin, there is a good chance their marriage can be salvaged.


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A lot has happened between Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin since he was deployed to Qatar last winter. He has been gone for seven months and will be returning home soon. Lowry made plans for the family to attend a Disney resort earlier this year, but it is unclear whether or not that is still happening. She did mention there would be family time spent together, which is what leaves fans hopeful the two will opt for marriage counseling or something similar in order to salvage their life together. Lowry’s oldest son, Isaac, is incredibly close to Javi and will be devastated if the two follow through with a divorce.

Teen Mom 2 has just started filming a new season, and Kailyn Lowry is definitely taking part in it. She shared a photo on Instagram of her behind the cameras. Since Lowry is keeping in touch with Javi Marroquin while he is in Qatar; he is also likely going to continue filming this season when he returns home. The couple decided that they would live apart when he returned. Lowry would remain in the house with the children while Marroquin would be getting an apartment for himself. If that is how things play out, the time apart might do more harm than good. They have already been separated for several months with the deployment and they need to talk face to face. Lowry may have a change of heart when Marroquin stands in front of her.


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Rumors have been circulating that Kailyn Lowry has been hooking up with her good friend Becky Hayter. Photos have been taken of the two getting close, but a relationship is not happening. Lowry insists that Hayter is very much interested in someone else and has been pursuing this person. There has also been talk that Lowry has been with women in the past. One particular incident was mentioned before she began dating Jo Rivera and became pregnant with Isaac. Lowry is writing a memoir, which may include her experiences that have been mentioned.

As time passes, Kailyn Lowry has thought about where she will go from here. She wants a life that is completely different from what Javi Marroquin wants, including no more children right now. Lowry has never said she is done with having babies, but it appears she is more career-focused now. With all of the months he has spent deployed, Marroquin had plenty of time to process everything that has happened in their marriage. Kailyn Lowry will be making a very tough and permanent decision in the upcoming weeks, and fans hope she makes the one that is best for her and the children.

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