[VIDEO] New Rage trailer massages your eyes

Is Rage the best-looking game in development today? It blimmin’ well should be, because it’s supported by id Software’s new fancy-pants graphics engine, otherwise known as id Tech 5. If anybody knows about pushing the graphics envelope, it’s the makers of Doom and Quake.

And so it proves in the latest trailer. Frankly, Rage looks like the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees, and the kipper’s knickers, making it some sort of buzzing feline … fish … thing. I lost track of where I was going there. Anyway, it also looks a lot more interesting than previous id graphical powerhouses, like the yawnsome Doom 4.

Yes, it’s another slice of post-apocalyptica, but I’m not complaining. I have a strange fascination with disaster and the collapse of civilization, and last year’s excellent (not to mention chilling) Fallout 3 has really whet my appetite for more of the same. At first glance, Rage appears to be Fallout 3 Mk. II, with less RPG and more dune buggy racing. That suits me fine.

Now point your eyes here:

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