July 13, 2016
Miranda Lambert Accused Of Cheating On Blake Shelton, Is She Still Dating Boyfriend Anderson East?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorced last July, but why?

According to a new report, the 32-year-old country singer's marriage to Shelton came to an end after just four years due to her alleged infidelity, and now, she's been put on blast.

This week, OK! Magazine claimed to know "the truth behind [Miranda Lambert's] divorce," claiming the singer had reportedly admitted to her friends that she "bears most of the responsibility for her and Shelton's marriage ending."

A magazine insider told the outlet that Miranda Lambert has been "wracked with guilt for a while" due to her rumored cheating and "thinks that alcohol played a part in her behavior." Miranda Lambert "really wants Blake to know she's sorry" and "doesn't want to hold him back," the source continued.

However, according to Gossip Cop, OK! Magazine's cheating revelation is simply "not true." Instead, claimed the outlet, her alleged infidelity never happened and the entire story was made up.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's divorce was highly publicized at the time of their split, and after Shelton began dating his co-star on The Voice, Gwen Stefani, the speculation into their divorce grew. Still, despite the ongoing rumors into their past relationship, Miranda Lambert and Shelton have remained silent in regard to any possible cheating and have only had good things to say about one another on the few occasions that they have spoken of their split.

After staying single for months after her divorce, as Shelton and Stefani continued to flaunt their romance on The Voice, Miranda Lambert confirmed her new romance with Anderson East, an Alabama-born R&B singer, in early January.

One month later, a source told E! News that Miranda Lambert was "definitely in love" with East.

"They both have discussed wanting kids one day," the source revealed. "When they are both not on tour, they are with each other. They video chat or text and keep connected every day. Miranda is definitely in love with Anderson. She is in the best place of her life now and looking forward to the future!"

Then, in April, a second source shared even more details about the romance.

Anderson East has a "crazy connection" with Miranda Lambert, a source told E! News. "Whenever they are together they act like two free spirits...Miranda adores Anderson. They understand each other. Anderson has given Miranda this confidence she hasn't felt in some time. They are very supportive with each other and their careers."

The source went on to reveal that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East were serious about their relationship and had met both sides of their families, who all loved the relationship they shared.

"They seem like they are in such a great place. They spend so much time together. They are also very involved with Miranda's animals," the source explained.

While Miranda Lambert and Anderson have stayed silent about their months-long romance, aside from a couple of photos on Twitter and Instagram, they appear to still be together, judging by a photo shared by East just weeks ago.

Currently, Miranda Lambert's main focus is her tour with Kenny Chesney, but when it comes to her relationship, she seems to make time with East whenever she can. Just days ago, she shared a photo on Instagram which featured what seemed to be the perfect setup for a dinner date.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]